Thursday, December 7th

Thanks yet again to Riley!

Abby stops by Jack’s house, where Ashley is watching Dina. Ashley picks up on Abby’s odd behaviour, as she’s still dealing with her feelings towards Scott. When Ashley asks about him, Abby acts like nothing is going on between them anymore. Ashley asks how it is with Vikki going back to Newman, and they talk about the meeting with the board executives.

Scott looks at a framed photo of him and Sharon, until he imagines a photo of him and Abby. He quickly shakes the image from his mind and returns the frame to its spot. Sharon joins Scott on the couch and he tells her how relieved he is to finally be at home for the holidays this year. Mariah joins in, condemning any ugly holiday sweaters from being brought into their home. Jokingly, Scott goes to remove her presents from under the tree. Sharon gets up to hug Scott, laughing. Mariah says “That woman will love you even after you commit an unforgivable sin.”

Chelsea talks designs over the phone. Racing around her apartment, she notices Nick casually using her laptop. “Is that my laptop?” Uhhh yeah. Chelsea is a little taken aback, but doesn’t ask for it back. Rather, she asks what it is he’s working on that has so much of his attention.

Ashley is surprised about Abby’s relationship with Scott, since he gave her so much credit in his interview. Abby uses the excuse that he just wants more press. Ashley isn’t convinced. She suggests maybe it has something to do with Vikki keeping him, but she claims she hated him way before any of that. Ashley hits the nail on the head, it’s because of what happened in the storage unit that she doesn’t like to see him. Abby watches herself in the mirror as she says she tries not to think of that ordeal or Scott entirely.

Nick tells Chelsea about his plan to inform the locals that Alco, a shell company is trying to get rid of Chancellor Park. He finds the idea absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. Chelsea undermines Nick’s plans because there’s no way he can go up against the city and Alco. Nick knows he could be using this energy towards finding another job, but if he won’t take a stand, who will? Chelsea smiles and gives in, letting him leave to post the flyers he created.