Friday, December 8th

Thanks once more to Riley for today’s spoiler. ‘See’ y’all Monday!

In the Newman lobby, Abby and Vikki run into one another. Awkwardly, Abby asks if Victor is back and they both opt for coming back later.

Nick breaks the news to Nikki that Victor is behind the plan to reconstruct Chancellor Park. In his new poster, Nick purposely capitalizes the words “Newman Enterprise” as the ones behind the project. Nick warns Nikki that Victor will not be pleased to find out the two outcasts of the family are behind the protest to stop Alco. She sees it as all the more reason to fight.

Victor picks up a flyer, examining it.

Jack advises Hilary to pick up a pen, and start taking notes on what he wants on the show. She scoffs, what do you know about television, Jack? He finds it ironic that Ashley also complains about his micro-management.

Sharon gives Scott a box of goodies – a peace offering for Victor. Scott, Victor likes tequila! Scott reminds Sharon to keep it a secret about him being the source of Nick’s vendetta against Victor and Alco, shes says she’d be happy to send pastries to his source, but Scott doesn’t want her to know Abby of all people told him.

Victor leads Vikki into their office. Vikki informs her father that Nick is behind the protest against Alco. Victor claims to sympathize with those who may be upset with the plan, but he thinks people are forgetting that although the park is named after Katherine, it’s owned by the city. Victor crumples Nick’s flyer, telling Vikki to tell Nick to bring it on.

Hilary apologizes for her blunt remark, but Jack doesn’t mind. Hilary asks Jack if he’s taking on too much between Jabot, his mother and the Hilary Hour. Jack is confident that he will find a balance eventually.

Vikki calls for an emergency meeting, urging that anyone is to report any information about who may have leaked Alco’s plan. Abby pipes up, saying that they will find out who did this. Scott remains silent, holding his pastries. The meeting is quickly dismissed. Scott calls for an emergency meeting of his own with Abby, outside of Newman tower.

Ashley returns to the Jabot CEO office, Ravi at her side. She tries to send him with a list of things to do, but is caught off guard by some orchids sitting on her table. Ashley tries to thank Ravi, but it is in fact an apology gift from Jack. She takes the greeting card and tosses it to the side, too busy to deal with family matters. Ashley offers to have someone help Ravi with all of his assignments, but Ravi tells her he needs a permanent replacement. Ashley laughs, but quickly realizes he is not joking. Ashley learns that Ravi will be reconsidering his offer with Vikki at Newman.