Monday, December 11th

At the Abbott home, Jack and Ashley inform Dina that they’ve come to a compromise; Jack resume his CEO position and Ashley will work in the lab. Miffed that she wasn’t consulted, Dina’s going to pack and take the next flight to Paris – before they compromise her right into a ‘home for the bewildered’.

Sharon won’t be able to take Faith to school because she has a final to write. Faith doesn’t want Scott to take her; he uh drives too fast, she lies – then jumps up when Mariah offers to take her. Have a good one Faith, Scott calls out; genuinely puzzled to get no response.

Vikki joins Mike and Victor at the office as they butt heads over how to proceed with the audit. Worried that the authorities seem confident that they have a case, Mike’s sent off to find out what they know, Vikki’s left to ask her Dad to be honest – how much trouble are we in?

Quizzing Sharon for her exam, Scott slips in a question; how one could tick off a teenage girl without realizing it? Faith won’t even get in a car with me. Sharon thinks it might be jealousy (like when Nick moved in with Chelsea) Just be yourself, she advises – as Scott boasts about his driving/parallel parking skills.

Ashley and Jack try to reassure Dina that they’ve got this all worked out. Jack will handle today’s meetings via teleconference. When Dina starts taking ornaments off the tree (believing it’s February) Ashley worries this type of behavior might crop up during one of Jack’s video meetings. Don’t worry, Jack says as he sends Ashley off to meet someone regarding a rejuvenation cream.

Back in his office, Victor invites Vikki to look through all of his files (which he’s emailed her to prove that there’s nothing amiss in his financial and tax statements) The numbers for next quarter look so good that Victor wants to take Vikki out to lunch; no, not upstairs – somewhere we can be seen and envied.

At Top of the Tower, Gloria’s grumbling to Kevin about Ashley taking Jack’s place. Hearing that Mike had to stop by Victor’s office, Gloria then complains about ‘the great man’; there’s just no crossing Victor Newman. Not unless you can get away with it, Kevin comments as he shovels food into his mouth. Happy that Kevin brought Bella for a visit, Gloria wishes he’d move back to GC. By the time Mike arrives, Gloria has to get back to work. Fishing for info, Kevin frowns when hearing that the ‘anomaly’ being looked into isn’t in Victor’s business accounts; it’s one of his personal accounts.

Clearly eager to get rid of Ashley, a helpful Gloria’s brought her a box to pack her things into. Things go more smoothly when JACK’S behind that desk, she adds. He won’t be behind the desk, he’s working from home while taking care of our Mother, Ashley announces. And if Gloria wants a raise, car service etc., she can go ask the CEO herself. You know where to find him, Ashley leaves with her packed box.