Wednesday, December 13th

Nikki admits it must be unnerving for Vikki to have her ex investigating the family company but on the bright side, it’ll be nice for Reed to see his Father at Christmas. Reed’s avoiding JT, Vikki updates. Billy appears to make no apologies for holding a grudge against JT (who he plans to avoid too)

Still at Jack’s, Hilary appreciates how well they work together. Jack reminds that as producer he has veto power and will veto any shows about the competition (Newman and Chancellor) He’s sure he’ll be ahead of Cane and Victor soon. Hilary likes this feisty Jack.

Back at Sharon’s, Mariah tells Nick that she’s got a cameraman lined up to film the rally (for the Hilary Hour) Faith going back outside, Nick asks Mariah how she’s handling Scott moving in. He seems pleased to learn that Faith’s not ‘chatty’ with Scott. Mariah will keep an eye on it – it’s probably nothing.

Now at CL’s, Scott finally stops taking calls, giving Sharon a chance to ask if he felt obligated to say ‘I love you’ because she did. Is that why you’ve been avoiding me?

Still at Sharon’s, Nick has a private chat with Faith – who admits she did like Scott. She’s fine as long as her Mom’s happy. Give Scott a chance, Nick suggests Faith might learn to like him.

Hilary asks about Dina and at the risk of annoying Jack, praises Cane for making a comeback. When she shows Jack a photo of Sam, he thinks she looks comfortable with a baby in her arms. Me? No, Hilary laughs – that’s the last thing she needs.

At the revolving door, Vikki admits that she finds JT’s investigation invasive but instead of being defensive she’ll try to mend fences between JT and Reed. She invites that Billy to come by anytime – with Phyllis. Both are happy with the way their lives are going – and to be friends again.

Outside the park cafe, Nick goes to hang his banner. That leaves Mariah to ask Faith why she’s avoiding Scott. Talk to me. Annoyed at being treated like a kid, Faith walks off.