Tuesday, December 12th

Previously: This park is going to get stolen out from under us, Nick grumbles. This has to stop, Nikki agrees … Chelsea thinks Nick and Nikki have hit a dead end; maybe it’s time to back off. No, Nikki thinks they need to find another way to stop Victor (who’s at the park, reading one of Nick’s ‘save the park’ flyers) … Lily thought Abby would want a break from dating (after Zack) Flashback to Faith witnessing Scott and Abby kiss…. Hilary assures Cane that Lily will come around. He doesn’t seem convinced or overly concerned…. Flashback to Vikki and JT; the happy ‘I do’s’ followed by the bitter fights and custody battle….Hello Victor, Hi Victoria, JT enters the office.

Nick startles Vikki at the club – then shows her the news online; Chancellor Industries is expected to do well with Cane as CEO. NE used to get these headlines, Vikki scowls as she takes her tablet back. Yeah, that was before involvement in a sex trafficking ring and now wanting to turn a playground into condos for the 1%ers, Nick adds.

Ding dong. Answering his front door, Cane finds a gift basket; the card reads ‘Congratulations’.

On the CL’s patio, Abby wonders if Lily has news about Cane. No, she ‘thinks’ she needs to go forward with the divorce. Abby cautions her to be sure of her decision.

Also at the coffeehouse, Phyllis tells her frisky boyfriend that she can’t take the day off; she has work to do. Billy has enough money for the both of them. You can quit – today.

Thanking his Dad for the gift basket, Cane ends his call as Hilary drops by the estate to ask if the ‘man of the hour’ will come on her show. Yes, Cane will do an interview. Things are really looking up for me, he beams.

Back at the club’s bar, Vikki thinks Cane a capable executive but his character flaws rule him out as a threat or competitor. NE will be just fine, she’s sure. Announcing that Devon threw his hat in the ring, Nick tells Vikki that City Council will reveal the winning bid today. Yes, Nick went to Devon; and he agrees it’s important to preserve Katherine’s legacy. After Nick leaves, JT joins Vikki. Surely she must wonder why he’s here and involved in the Newman audit.

Phyllis won’t be a ‘kept woman’ – she likes working for Lauren and won’t leave her in the lurch. Is Billy bored because he’s not working? No, he has plenty to keep him busy; working out, checking in on Philly. Off to work, Phyllis asks ‘loverboy’ to come up with something creative for her to look forward to.

Still on the patio, Lily shares how torn she is over Cane but would rather know who Abby’s interested in. Scott?! Lily’s surprised. Does he know about this crush? Have you guys flirted? More than that – we had sex, Abby boasts. Lily chokes on her coffee.

Now seated at a table with Vikki, JT explains how he got interested in online fraud investigations and forensic accounting. Paul asked for his help. He and Chris wanted someone who knew ‘where the bodies are buried’ at Newman. Vikki’s annoyed – this is a conflict of interest (and perhaps a personal vendetta due to bad blood between JT and her Father)

Abby tells Lily that it was just that one time, when she and Scott were trapped. Part of me can’t stand the guy but I can’t stop thinking about it. She’s not sure if it’s chemistry – Scott’s not even my type. Lily understands why Abby might THINK there’s a connection – but how does Scott feel? Abby doesn’t know – we fell into an epic kiss the other day. I haven’t heard from him since. Abby agrees that it’s not fair to Sharon. You don’t want to be the ‘other woman’ – Lily sees only one thing Abby can do to end her confusion.