Thursday, December 14th

No, no no, Phyllis is ‘swamped’ and has no time for elevator sex with Billy. That’s not what he’s at Jabot for – this is really ‘important’.

At CL’s, Scott can’t keep his lips or hands off Sharon. He’s not even going to the office – his co-workers won’t let him do ‘this’. Mariah interrupts for her usual coffee. No, she won’t try a holiday special. Glaring at Scott Mariah says she likes to stay LOYAL, FAITHFUL to her coffee (as she eyeballs Scott)

On the CL’s patio, Mattie finds Reed deleting emails from his Dad without even reading them. He’s here in GC, Reed feels they have a good relationship – when on different continents.

Cane’s delighted to bump into JT at the club. Updated that Reed’s dating Mattie, JT admits he hasn’t seen his son (and suspects Vikki’s responsible) Cane wouldn’t put anything past her and thinks JT should get Reed away from his Mother.

At NE, Vikki stuns Mike with the news that Nikki was the one to transfer Victor’s money to an offshore account. How?! She has no idea but her only concern is keeping both her parents out of prison.

Over drinks at the bar, Cane and JT catch up. Whining about Vikki firing him, Cane again suggests that she’s turning Reed against his Father. When JT admits that Reed’s not even returning his calls or messages, Cane thinks he can help with that.

Still on the patio, Mattie’s come to realize that she can’t cut her Dad out of her life. On cue, Cane calls to summon her over to the club. Bring Reed. He’s making an effort because it’s the holidays; time of miracles. We’ll be there, Mattie hangs up. At the bar, JT thanks Cane for making the call.

Joining Mike and Vikki at the office, Abby’s basically told to mind her own business. Show yourself out, Vikki snaps. Abby won’t be dismissed, nor is she being ‘paranoid’ (she’s also not getting an update on the audit) Vikki ends Abby’s antics’ by sending her off to read up on Brash n Sassy’s sales. Knock next time, she orders. Lock the door next time! Abby slams out. Mike warns Vikki that it won’t be long before Nikki’s a suspect (it’ll be worse because of the stolen gun)

Abby arrives at CL’s to watch Scott (sitting out on the patio) Ho ho ho, Mariah comes along to corner Abby then grill her on the intense Zack/kidnapping thing. Denying she’s hoping for a TV interview, Mariah wants to go out for drinks; we’re both single. Or are we? Refusing to be baited, Abby issues a ‘no comment’.

Billy’s important business is Cane/CI being named as the man ‘to watch in 2018’. You’re no longer in the corporate world, Phyllis reminds – let it go. Billy worries that ‘lying shark’ will run his Mother’s company into the ground.

Who’s that with my Dad? Mattie wonders. That’s my Dad – let’s go, Reed wants to leave the club. Mattie gives Reed a kiss and insists they go over. Cane apologizes for tricking the kids. Mattie’s impressed and suggests they get a table and some food. Cane’s reserved two tables – he knows that Reed and JT need to talk in private.

Brainstorming ways to end this audit, Vikki has no sway with JT and Nikki won’t go along with saying she has PTSD (after Dina stabbed her) Mike has hope – your Mom and Dad are still married, they can’t be forced to testify against each other. Given how they feel about each other, they might jump at the chance, Vikki sighs.