Wednesday, December 13th

At the club, Nikki gives Vikki a big hug – she wasn’t sure her daughter would want to see her since they’re on opposite sides regarding Chancellor Park. Your Father must be furious that he was outbid. Both wonder who put in the winning bid.

Nick and Devon are at CL’s – also wondering who ‘scored the land’ and what they’ll do with it.

Sharon’s made pancakes. Scott has no time, his alarm didn’t go off. Sharon turned it off. She won’t let Scott continue to avoid her and the conversation she wants to have.

Back at the club, Nikki wonders why Vikki’s distracted. The company audit showed no red flags – the problem’s Victor’s personal account, Vikki confides. Oh, and they brought JT in to investigate.

Scott denies he’s avoiding Sharon. And he returned her ‘I love you’. Mariah and Faith interrupting, they and Scott sit down for breakfast. Sharon ducking into the kitchen, Mariah detects something’s off.

JT knows where all the bodies are buried, Vikki isn’t so sure as her Mom that he’s bluffing. As NE security, he had access to sensitive information. Nikki scoffs – Victor had nothing to do with that sex ring. Yes, but even unknowingly, NE funded criminal activity – Paul and Chris want someone to pay.

Chelsea’s joined Nick at CL’s to discuss Chancellor Park. Nick’s still determined to fight any development with a loud rally/protest. Understanding that Chelsea’s too busy to help with the planning, Nick hopes she can come and shout her support.

Hilary’s at Jack’s to discuss their segments. He approves her ‘upbeat’ stories (and the change in Hilary and the show) He likes this ‘lovely’ side of Hilary.

Breakfast over, Faith ignores Scott as she runs upstairs. Mariah’s plans to watch TV are derailed when Nick comes to ask them all to come to his rally at the park. Scott stands by looking left out as plans are made. Only jumping onboard to avoid ‘the talk’, Scott’s escape is foiled when Sharon makes it clear they’re staying home.