Friday, December 22nd

At CL’s, Vikki and Phyllis have a nice chat. Assuming that Billy’s showering Phyllis with gifts, Vikki recalls the year he went to a lot of trouble to replicate a desk she lost in a fire. He has flaws but he’s a good man. Vikki can’t believe she’s giving Phyllis advice on Billy. Phyllis can’t believe she’s taking it.

Phyllis comes home to more apologies from Billy. Don’t change – I love you just the way you are, Phyllis is more than OK with Billy as he is. After he presents her with a cake, Billy answers the door. It’s a pear tree. He couldn’t get 2 turtle doves, 3 french hens etc. But look – the tree does include 5 golden rings. I love them! Phyllis thanks Billy.

You’re Nikki Newman aren’t you? a woman ‘Kathy’ accosts Nikki at the park. I used to know everything that went on in this town. Wanna fill me in? How are things with your husband? Yes, Kathy knows all about the Nikki-Victor grand love saga. Stick to your guns always, the woman leaves Nikki mildly annoyed – then furious upon realizing that the woman stole her purse!

Nikki goes to CL’s for some calming tea and relays how a woman stole her purse. Sharon gives Nikki tea as a gift. Are you kidding me? Nikki marches onto the patio to berate Kathy; You must be the dumbest crook. Kathy’s homeless and didn’t think Nikki would miss a few bucks. Life’s hard without mansions and private jets. Nikki wasn’t always rich – she remembers hard times and isn’t going to call the police. Take the cash and give me back the purse. Surprised by Nikki’s kindness, Kathy does indeed know a thing or two about sticking to her guns. I won’t give up – I’m gonna live until I die. Yes, Nikki knows that song (a favorite of Katherine’s) Kathy thanks Nikki for everything – you have so much to give. Hold on – Nikki goes in to ask Sharon about ‘Kathy’. She’s sitting right there on the patio! Sharon thought Nikki was alone out there.

Now on the patio, Nikki assures Sharon that she hasn’t been drinking. Kathy gave me my purse back. Hey – what’s this? Inside, she finds a necklace engraved with the initials K.C. I think I know where to find her. Nikki runs to the park to talk to Katherine’s plaque. Thank you for the reminder. I love you, she weeps.

Nikki hangs the necklace on Kay’s plaque. Mariah and Sharon hug in their matching shirts…. Billy and Phyllis snuggle beneath blankets at home… Alone at Top of the Tower, Hilary wishes herself Merry Christmas.