Thursday, December 21st

Dina, Traci, Abby and Ashley set the table for Christmas Eve dinner. Hearing that Billy, Phyllis and Hilary are coming, Dina snarls about Hilary (‘quelle surprise’ that she’s alone this year) Jack comes in to ask Ashley if she wants to sit at the head of the table. She wants to be CEO, permanently, he tattles – and now knows what motivated Ashley’s ‘no confidence’ vote.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill turns her nose up at Ester’s ‘heart-healthy’ eggnog. Aside, Cane tells Charlie that it’s OK if he goes to join his Mom etc, at the club. As Jill and Ester bicker their way into the kitchen, Charlie assures his Dad – this is where I want to be.

Devon walks Lily and Mattie over to their table, where they’ll enjoy a 5-course feast. Planning to go vegan on New Year’s, Mattie’s pleased that Devon can at least provide ‘cruelty-free’ food. He’s going to take care of everything.

Billy’s walking around in his boxer briefs and socks; Phyllis in a red satin robe. First, they’re headed to the Chancellor Estate to dine with Jill, then it’s off to Jack’s. Billy has a third option ~kiss~

Paul and Chris arrive at Top of the Tower. This won’t be easy, Paul sighs. If we want to get to Victor, we have to reel her in first, Chris states. The Williams’ smile and walk over to Nikki.

Mattie opens an envelope; Bruno Mars tickets!? she hops up to hug her Uncle Devon. He’s impressed with the scrapbook Mattie made him. She’s brought along Charlie’s gifts too. Lily grows quiet when opening a ‘photo book’ of Paris; a special place for her and Cane. My son, more sweet than subtle, she forces a smile.

On the phone, Jill complains about freezing her tinsel off while Collin’s off on a sailboat. Taking the phone, Cane wanders off chatting to his Dad. Charlie and Ester then team up on Jill about selling CI. As Jill and Ester again leave the room bickering, Cane jokes with Charlie – he’s actually looking forward to Billy and Phyllis’ arrival.

Now dressed, Billy has another idea – he’ll go see Jill then meet Phyllis at Jack’s ~kiss~

Ashley refuses to argue with Jack; family comes first. Tonight is love and joy – am I clear? As she goes to check on dinner, Jack lifts his glass to utter a sarcastic ‘ho, ho, ho’.

Billy arrives with gifts – just in to join the gift opening. Charlie’s given his Dad his first 1st place cross country medal. Here’s one from Mom. How precious… So sweet, Jill and Ester gush over a baby blanket with Sam’s name on it. I didn’t get your Mom anything, Cane says with regret. The night’s not over yet, Charlie smiles.

Back at the club, Devon, Lily and Mattie toast – to family. Devon checking on something in the kitchen, Mattie and Lily reflect on Cane. Mattie’s still mad at her Dad but tearing up admits that she misses him. Lily gives her a hug.