Friday, December 22nd

At home, Mariah and Sharon are stumped on what to buy each other for Christmas. While Mariah goes to Nick for help, Sharon seeks Faith’s guidance. Gift cards, a pony, reindeer slippers, giant mugs, a waffle iron, a puppy etc. are all ruled out.

Now home, Mariah and Sharon exchange gifts – oh look, they’ve bought each other the same shirt. They then bring out Cassie’s stocking and snowglobe. Coaxing Mariah to call her ‘Mom’, Sharon thinks it a good idea if Mariah uses Cassie’s stocking ~hug~

Hilary’s at the Top of the Tower to capture the very essence of Christmas. She’s even sent herself a gift-wrapped present. Mariah loves the dress but Hilary shoves it back in the box – it’s the wrong shade. Mariah then informs Devon that she won’t be on-air today because she refused to wear the snowman costume. Hilary then begins the show by asking Devon about the 1st annual toy drive and reading letters to Santa; one from a child who wishes Santa would bring her Mom some pots and pans, and a new dress. Calling for a break and taking the letter, Hilary’s in tears – I wrote that.

How did this letter get here? Hilary wonders. Seems her Sunday school teacher sent it in; a memento of Hilary’s past. You OK? Devon asks a depressed Hilary (who appreciates his support and concern) Hilary surprises Mariah by asking her to go on the air. As the camera rolls, Mariah wishes everyone peace, love and chocolate. Hilary encourages her viewers to write their goals down. Keep on Buzzin’. After everyone thanks one another, Devon and Mariah think Hilary even surprised herself today. Hilary gifts Mariah with the red dress. Enjoy your holidays. Thank you, Mariah gives Hilary a hug. Wishing Hilary a Merry Christmas, Devon also leaves. Mariah writes a new letter to Santa.

Billy opens his present (skydiving lessons) He’s so sorry – the gift he got Phyllis didn’t arrive. As Phylis excuses herself to take Daniel’s call, Abby drops by. Save your Merry for someone who deserves it, Billy scowls. Now at the park, Billy feels terrible for disappointing Phyllis. When Abby whines that they aren’t family, Billy’s insistence that they are is the best gift Abby could have asked for.