YR Spoiler; Monday, December 25th

Traci and Abby are alarmed to find Ashley yanking ornaments off the tree. Yes, she’s mad at Jack and doesn’t trust herself to speak to him.

At the park, Billy chides Jack for screwing Ashley over. Find another bench to stretch on, Jack snarls – and he’s not changing his mind.

Vikki’s visiting Nick at the penthouse. Hearing he had a nice Christmas with Chelsea and the boys, she thinks it nice they’ve become a family unit and reports inviting JT over for Christmas. He and Mac separated. Nick’s then stunned to hear how Victor tricked Nikki into moving back in with him.

At the ranch, Victor wonders why Nikki spent Christmas Eve with Paul and Chris. She was doing some recon – the William’s don’t buy our reconciliation. We need to be seen out in public as a couple. Victor suggests they get remarried New Year’s Eve.

Nick doesn’t understand his Mom at all – and doesn’t get why Vikki always feels the need to defend their Dad. Don’t judge Mom if she wants to be rid of him. And don’t judge her if she wants to stay with him, Vikki counters.

Nikki thinks renewing their vows might work; it’s mutually beneficial. The guest list starts with Paul and Chris, the kids and grandkids. Nikki thinks it important that Nick attends but Victor doubts he’ll come.

Billy’s attempt to make amends with Jack are met with harsh reminders of how many times he’s screwed up – the latest being squandering his money on a racehorse. You’ve always been jealous of me, Jack calls Billy out on his bad choices – including the death of his daughter. Billy admits he did envy Jack – if Dad could see you now, it’d break his heart. He’d say ‘you’re better than this Jack’

Back at the house, Traci thinks Ashley was wrong to force a no-confidence vote on Jack. Abby eavesdrops as Ashley gets upset with her sister – you can’t always be the peacemaker; sometimes you have to make a stand. Traci did – with her vote. Now in tears, Traci expresses how much she loves Ashley. Ashley needs more – I need your support as CEO. Bylaws can be changed. Traci can’t support something that’s tearing this family apart and runs out in tears. Abby then comes in to hug her Mom – I’ll support you.