Thursday, January 4th

Lily’s at the club. Cane’s at home. Both are thinking about the other, typing the same messages to each other, then deleting the texts before sending. ‘Did I screw everything up’? they both wonder.

Come on sleeping beauty, you can’t be late for your first day working with Cane, Phyllis calls out. Billy appears dressed in a suit – ready or not Chancellor, here I come.

Abby’s putting lipstick on in her car when Scott jumps in. Startled, she’s about to mace him (even after realizing who it is)

As Traci hunts for her house key on the front step, Ashley comes out to give her a hug. How’s Mother? Traci asks. Someone’s watching from the bushes.

Now inside, Traci’s updated on Dina taking Christian; she thought he was little Jackie and Jack was Daddy, Ashley adds. Traci lists all Dina’s done to Nick; torched his club, stabbed his Mother, kidnapped his son. Luckily, Nick’s understanding and Dina hasn’t been charged with anything (yet) Jack worries things will get a whole lot worse.

Billy arrives at the Chancellor estate to ask Cane what they’ll be working on. Grabbing files Cane’s working on, Billy gives unwanted input. When a young woman comes in from her run, Billy knows why Cane’s trying to get rid of him.

Traci’s pleased that Jack and Ashley are calling somewhat of a truce to focus on their Mother, even though they’re butting heads on whether to keep Dina at home. Ashley shows her siblings a ‘memory care facility’ she’s chosen. We need to present it as luxurious resort she’s going on holiday to. At least she’ll be safe. Jack still feels Dina needs to be with family.

Abby has no time for this ambush, she has work to do. Scott wants to talk. Abby sees nothing to talk about – Sharon took it all out on her, in public. You were playing us both. She pulls out the diamond ring she found in Scott’s pile of clothes and assumes he bought it for Sharon, not her.

Billy introduces himself to Bridgette as Cane’s partner (which Cane objects to) When Bridgette goes up to see, Billy needles Cane about his attractive nanny and makes it clear that he’s going to be a pain in the ass at Chancellor Industries.

Scott wasn’t playing Sharon or Abby – he has feelings for both of them. Abby wants to focus on what she has left; her job. Now get out of my car.

Traci tells Jack and Ashley to take their time touring this facility. Whoever’s outside, watches them leave. Dina then comes down delighted to see a friendly face. She talks about her old friend Kay and agrees to share a bite to eat with Traci; such a lovely name (it appears that Dina thinks Traci’s her new caregiver)