Tuesday, January 9th

Leaving for the courthouse, Jack leaves Ashley a message then lets Mike in to fret that he hasn’t been able to reach his sisters. He’s determined to have Graham removed from Dina’s will and as power of attorney. Time is one thing we don’t have, he hurries Mike out.

Traci and Ashley accost Mattie at the club looking for Devon (who just left for a meeting) We need your Uncles’ help right NOW, they persist.

Arriving at the courthouse with Mike, Jack’s still worried about why Traci and Ashley aren’t answering their phones. Nothing is more important than this hearing. What are they up to??

Back at the club, Mattie calls to reach Devon – she’d never interrupt his meeting if it weren’t an emergency. As she’s on hold, Traci and Ashley express how desperate they are to find something on Graham before the hearing ends. Mattie comes back to say that Devon will help them with the Mergeron files.

Jack doesn’t look forward to putting his Mother’s condition on the stand – she’d hate to be pitied for having this disease. Mike sees no other choice to keep Dina safe. Getting off the elevator, Graham sends Dina into the courtroom. How could you bring her here?! Jack can’t wait to wipe the smug look off his face. Graham’s sure the Judge will see that he’s protecting Dina from her children. Mike restrains Jack – that’s exactly what he wants.

When Jack comes back calmer after getting some air, Mike coaches his client to stay calm before they head inside. Dina’s surprised to see ‘John’ and thinks she’s at a divorce hearing. Mop the floor with that bastard, Jack quietly instructs Mike.

With half the boxes of files delivered to the HWG office, Mattie leaves Traci and Ashley to get to work – we don’t have a minute to lose (and a lot of boxes to go through)

Graham’s lawyer arrives. Brenda Brashear has a stellar reputation, Mike admits. Did you win against her? Jack looks worried when Mike replies – sometimes.

Seated at their desk, Jack and Mike don’t understand why Traci and Ashley aren’t here. It’s up to you and me, Jack concludes as the Judge takes her seat to ask Dina how she’s feeling and calls for opening statements in Abbott vs. Bloodworth. Mike states that Dina’s children have her best interests at heart – Graham’s harmful to Mrs Mergeron. Graham’s lawyer opens by explaining that Dina chose him over her children – and her daughters aren’t even here.

At HWG, Ashley leaves Jack a message – stall while we look through these papers; we’ll be there as soon as we can. Traci has little hope they’ll find something in all these papers. It’ll be a miracle to find a needle in this haystack. Most of it’s in French! Ashley encourages her to keep looking and hope Jack’s fighting like hell.