Monday, January 8th

Vikki and Devon are looking at her computer at the club’s bar. He’s impressed with the BnS expansion and agrees it’ll do Abby good to go to Paris. Vikki’s just glad Abby’s fight with Sharon (over Scott) wasn’t picked up by the media (which Devon gives Hilary credit for) Devon’s then surprised to hear that Vikki and JT interrupted that creepy guy upsetting Dina. Vikki moves on to sigh about JT’s divorce – it’s hitting him hard.

Coming back from the gym, JT’s work ideas are put on hold so that Cane can update him that the twins will be staying there. Entering with Charlie, Mattie apologizes for calling the police on Reed. Both she and Cane are surprised with JT interrupts to than her.

In NE’s break room, Lily agrees with Abby that Cane should support her going on this business trip. But why do I feel like I’m throwing away my last chance to save my marriage?

Seated at the club, Phyllis does everything she can to convince Hilary to do a show about Abby and Sharon’s fight over Scott. Eyeing Scott at a nearby table, Hilary doesn’t get why they’d fight over ‘that man’. He’s an excellent kisser, Phyllis informs. Hilary’s next show is on ‘forgiveness’ – a subject she can make ‘sexy’.

Mariah drops by CL’s to check on Sharon’s wellbeing. Seconds later, Chelsea appears with an even lamer excuse. Thinking their concern sweet, Sharon insists that she’s fine – she just needs to get the word out that she’s fine.

JT thinks Mattie brave for calling the police – he probably wouldn’t have done the same at her age. Reed won’t answer my texts, Mattie whines. Charlie and Cane agree that that’s on Reed – you did the right thing.

Upstairs in the HWG office, Scott boasts about getting an on-air job offer in New York – but wants to stick with Hashtag (which he hopes HWG will buy from Newman) Devon points out that Abby’s his friend – maybe that’s why Scott wants out of Newman. Scott has a feeling that Victor will take his revenge out on Hashtag. Appreciating that Devon will think about it, Scott shakes his hand and leaves.

Sharon won’t run through the snow naked shouting ‘I’m fine’ – she’ll throw a party. Mariah and Chelsea reluctantly agree to show up at her place later that afternoon. Now alone, Sharon calls to invite Hilary over to her ‘girls afternoon’. Me? Why? Because Sharon needs to get the word out that she’s ‘fine’. I’ll be there, Hilary hangs up and invites Phyllis to a party (without saying where)

Devon’s now in Vikki’s office trying to buy Hashtag. No way – it’s now making a profit and she needs a digital platform in case Reed’s DUI hits the media (and to spin the next Newman crisis) No, she won’t have a problem controlling Scott – that’s what the HWG’s PR firm was hired for. Sorry to disappoint you. It’s never disappointing to see you in action, Devon leaves and bumps into Lily and tells her she should go to Paris.

Cane thanks JT for what he said to Mattie about Reed but laughs when JT downplays the drinking and suggests Charlie may have been too – we did at their age. JT blames himself and his parenting skills for Reed acting out but is sure he’ll grow out of it. Mac sent divorce papers, he admits. Sorry to hear it, Cane worries that he’ll miss his window of opportunity with Lily if she goes to Paris. JT sums it up – you want Lily to screw up her career because you’re insecure. Realizing he’s right, Cane leaves (and JT quickly types out a message)