Wednesday, January 10th

Ignoring Mike’s warnings, Ashley shouts and pounds on the door of Graham and Dina’s suite. As Graham holds the door ajar to taunt Ashley about Dina being his wife, Mike shoves paperwork in that prevents Graham from taking Dina anywhere. Try it, Ashley challenges – she would love to see Graham’s sorry ass behind bars.

The injunction is a stall tactic until Jack finds a way to prove this marriage is a farce. It might be a farce but unfortunately, Traci’s found something online that proves it’s legal.

Arriving at Vikki’s, JT apologizes for being harsh with her yesterday. Both want to be on the same page for Reed’s hearing today – and are surprised when he comes down to say he’s not going.

Reassured that Sharon’s still ‘fine’, Mariah’s leaving to drop off some ‘day olds’ to the homeless shelter when Nick arrives. No, Sharon’s not upset that he turned her life upside down. In fact, she gives him a ‘sweet’ kiss on the cheek and smiles.

Cane comes home to conspire with Charlie – neither want Mattie to think about or attend Reed’s hearing today.

Vikki turns the TV off – what makes you think you can skip this hearing? Reed read online that Mr Baldwin can enter his guilty plea for him. Asking for a word alone with Reed, JT warns his son that he’s going to hurt the people he loves and be the worst possible version of himself (if he doesn’t go up and get dressed for court)

Mike’s now at the Abbott home to update that he plans to depose Dina’s doctor and have the marriage annulled. Ashley fears it won’t work – Graham’s always a step ahead.

Since Chelsea ‘kept the girl code’, Sharon is the one to tell Nick about her party (and Abby’s apology) He confides that he blamed Chelsea when Christian went missing. Sharon understands – and obviously knows what that can do to Nick.

Traci feels stupid for allowing Graham to lock her out of the house and admires that Ashley’s more of a fighter than she is. That said, she also worries about what the stress will do to Ashley. As they hug, Jack comes in to suggest Ashley go check on the lab that’s being set up. You’re not the CEO – and Ashley won’t be told what to do by Jack. She’ll go to Jabot but Jack’s to come too (so she can keep an eye on him)