Thursday, January 11th

Ashley turns the light on in the lab and sees that it’s been ransacked.

You’ll be late for school – Reed, don’t make me come up there! Vikki calls out. Bolting up the stairs and back down, she makes a call – Reed’s gone!

Letting JT in, Vikki updates that Reed took his guitar, clothes and his computer. Where is he? Why did he go? she frets.

Billy comes down to find Phyllis all flustered as she tries to make breakfast for his kids. It’s been nice having them here, but it’ll be nice to have the apartment back to themselves; chicken cordon blue instead of chicken nuggets ~kiss~ Phyllis runs to open the door. I need a place to crash, Reed bursts in. Phyllis is not amused.

Vikki calls – Reed’s not at GCM. JT’s on her laptop – well, he hasn’t been arrested. When Vikki continues to wonder why Reed would take off, JT lists reasons starting with him and Mac separating to not getting into the music program.

Reed whines to Billy that his Mom’s shipping him off to boarding school and the Judge was way too hard on him. Plus, he has to get a job to earn the money to pay the fine. Reed spent the night at his friend’s house. Hang on, Phyllis raises the alarm – your Mom doesn’t know where you are? She’s strict because she cares about you. Billy insists on calling Vikki (who’s relieved and puts him on speaker) It’s not a good idea to come pick up Reed right now, Billy decides. Vikki listens as Johnny and Katie come down for breakfast and agrees to let Reed stay for one night.

Tidying up, Phyllis is surprised that Reed came to them. And his face when you said he couldn’t stay with us. I’ve become my Dad, Billy chuckles.

Vikki and JT were both rebels back in the day – what happened to us? We grew up, JT can’t believe he’s taking advice from Billy Abbott. He’s a good Dad, Vikki defends. JT then convinces her to take the day off work for massages.

After Hannah’s taken the younger two off, Billy’s about to go check on Reed when Cane drops by – I can’t believe you’re not ready. Aghhh – we have a meeting, Billy remembers.

Still at home, Vikki and JT continue to discuss Reed and be grateful that at least they’re getting along now. The doorbell rings; Nikki’s stunned to see JT. Am I interrupting??