Thursday, January 18th

Vikki’s at home video chatting with Abby (who rambles on about the BnS expansion until she realizes that Vikki’s more interested in whoever she’s texting (JT) I’ll find out your secret, she vows with a smile; not believing that Vikki’s distracted by a full workload.

Mariah’s looking for her journal when Hilary bursts into the station raving about a story she wants to do on Motherhood. Mariah’s only concern is her journal – have you seen it??

In the studio, Devon raves about the track Tessa just lay down – those amazing lyrics will soon be on everyone’s lips. Take a break, you deserve it. Her purse falling, Tessa looks guilty as she shoves Mariah’s journal back in her purse.

Cane’s delighted to be back home. Never mind that it’s small and looks like a ‘sporting good store’ exploded. He can’t wait to tell the kids that he and Lily are back together ~kiss~

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary has more important things to do than to look for Mariah’s diary. Why the sudden urge to do a show on Motherhood? Mariah’s relieved to hear that Hilary’s not pregnant. And no, she can’t see herself being responsible for another human life when she can barely make sense of her own.

All done in the recording studio, Tessa tells Devon that the words just came to her. He’s so glad he took a chance on Tessa.

At Vikki’s place, JT’s mauling his ex when she sits him down – over there; no horizontal surfaces. Abby can tell that I’m hiding something – I don’t like sneaking around. JT’s doesn’t mind going public with whatever this is; he wants to enjoy it and see where it goes. That doesn’t work for Vikki.

Cane’s back from the garage to say that he can’t wait to bring Sam home after his nap. Where should he sleep? Lily suggests they decorate the spare room. Yes, she’s OK with Sam sleeping in their room in the meantime. After Cane leaves, Lily makes a call – I need your help.

Vikki wants to figure out what’s going on before announcing it to the world – is it just sex? JT’s a laid back guy; he sees no need to define this. He then gets a call from Cane (who has good news – he’s home with Lily. And bad news – you need a place to live) JT’s fine with moving back into the club.

Lily meets Devon at the bar (he’s already ordered her a glass of wine) She’s happy about Cane moving back in but not sure she’s up to raising the product of his affair. Lily doesn’t want to disappoint Cane but isn’t sure she can do it. Encouraging, Devon preaches honesty.

Bumping into Devon at the club, Hilary’s happy to hear that Cane and Lily reconciled (for Sam’s sake) She then convinces him to debut Tessa’s new song on her show (since Tessa was arrested the last time she was to perform) OK, but no interview, Devon agrees.

Mattie and Charlie come home to hear the news that their parents are back together. Charlie thinks that awesome! More subdued, Mattie’s happy if that’s what they want. Looking anything but happy, she goes to her room.