Friday, January 19th

Ding dong. Why didn’t JT use his key? And miss seeing Vikki’s beautiful face when she opens the door? As JT brings his luggage inside, Vikki looks absolutely besotted.

Finding Phyllis in Jack’s office and hearing he’s not there today, Billy’s sure they can put the office to good use ~kiss~

Dina politely thanks Ashley for the iced tea but doesn’t move or speak again as Jack comes home to get an update from his sisters. Well, she’s barely moved or spoken since we got home – she may not remember what’s happened in the suite or that she ‘pulled the plug’ on Graham.

Devon marches into his office to confront Tessa about what happened yesterday – did you steal Mariah’s journal? Noah appears – he’d like to know the same thing.

Arriving at the station, Mariah’s not happy – why is yesterday’s show still on the website?!? Hilary’s answer isn’t surprising – ratings. Pull it or Mariah will file a court order.

Hilary welcomes the attention a lawsuit would bring and wonders if Mariah was writing in her journal about her feelings for Devon. Not Devon? Who is he then? There’s no guy, Mariah says truthfully.

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Singing ‘her’ song for Noah and Devon, Tessa insists she wrote it. If anything, conversations she had with Mariah may have inspired her. Seeming to believe Mariah’s story, Devon asks Noah to leave (as he’s leaning towards believing Tessa) Now alone, Devon will back Tessa but he needs a guarantee that she didn’t steal anything; that you’re telling me the truth. You have it, Tessa says. Then you have my support, Devon decides.

JT claims he has a present for Vikki in his bag but gives her something she needs much more instead ~kiss~

A confused Dina again believes that Jack is his Father – that she’s going on a cruise with Brent and that Traci’s a nurse (who then escorts her upstairs) Ashley and Jack don’t think it’s a terrible thing that she can’t remember Graham. On cue, Dina can be heard shouting – where’s Graham???

Still in Jack’s office, Phyllis worries what he’ll think about them plundering his secret stash (champagne and chocolate) Billy’s a bit tipsy – we’ll hire a car to pick up the kids from school, drop them off at Vikki’s and continue our crime spree. But now it’s time to make out in the elevator.

In the dining room, Jack and Ashley debate how to handle Dina. Ashley wants to convince her that Graham’s gone. Jack argues that the doctors recommend going along with Dina’s reality. Traci comes down to say that it doesn’t really matter what they tell Dina – she’ll forget it in a few minutes.