Monday, January 22nd

Nick and Chelsea’s make-out session is interrupted when Nick gets a call – what?! I’m on my way. He has to go tend to a pipe burst himself. He and Nikki are taking care of whatever they can themselves to cut costs. Chelsea’s left looking lonely.

At Jabot, Phyllis tells Billy that they’re to be part of a foursome this evening. Get your mind out of the gutter bad boy – it’s just a double date.

Figuring out that Hilary’s getting ready for a first date (at the station) Mariah demands answers and learns it’s a blind date. Hilary gets the last word – at least I don’t write about unrequited love in a diary.

Devon believes Tessa but wants her to make things right with Mariah so she doesn’t use her ‘platform’ to kill sales.

Vikki and JT are at the club deciding how to tell Reed the news when Nikki calls to say he didn’t show up for community service. And he isn’t taking her calls. Vikki assumes he won’t take hers either but tries anyway.

Hey, Tessa approaches Mariah to deny she took the journal. You must have misplaced it. Mariah knows that’s not what happened – you stole my journal and my words. Tessa thinks that coincidence – we think a lot alike. Mariah recites words she wrote – How Can A Lie Feel So Real? – that’s not ‘similar’, that’s theft. OK, I read your journal, Tessa admits – but you wouldn’t talk to me. I didn’t know how you were feeling. So you chose to betray me by publicizing words I couldn’t even say? That’s how little I meant to you? Mariah’s hurt.

After JT accosts Reed on at CL’s to pull him away from his friend and onto the patio, Sharon comes to settle them down and point out that they’re attracting an audience. Reed sent in for a refill, JT updates Sharon that he got a DUI and is working on the Newman ranch. Nick got through it – Reed will too, Sharon’s sure.

At the club’s bar, Phyllis is sure that the date she set up for Hilary will lead to a second. He’ll be here in a minute. He’s a successful businessman – the kind of guy you can build a future with. Bily yawns. Hilary can’t wait to meet him. Good – he’s here. Hilary’s smile fades when she looks over to see Ravi.

Billy’s bored with talking about the weather – what made you think these two are a good match? Hilary loves the spotlight – Ravi likes being locked in his dark office all night. Ravi says that people are more than stereotypes – software engineer defines what I do, not who I am. Encouraged to talk about himself, Ravvi says he was on the debate team and is close with his parents (both well educated; Dad’s at NASA, Mom’s a surgeon) Praising his genes, Hilary then asks about his health. After Billy summons Devon over, Revi jokes – I hope none of my ex-spouses come over. There’s no tension to ease – Devon and I are just friends, Hilary claims.