Tuesday, January 23rd

Hilary’s is in the waiting area of a Dr Sarah Chasen.

Mike’s at Jack’s house to make sure he’s composed and ready for today’s arbitration hearing. A Judge will decide who’s to be Jabot’s CEO. That will be me, Jack’s sure. They then find Ashley and her attorney in the dining room. She hopes for a quick resolution today.

Chelsea’s mid-shower when the water turns off. Seriously? Nick!!! she shouts.

In Dr Chasens’ office, Hilary informs that she wants to have a baby.

Half of the bathroom tarped off due to renovations, Chelsea asks Nick why the water shut off. Nick had Arturo come by to install some upgrades but he got called back to the building so NIck did some repairs himself. Getting in the shower to adjust the showerhead, Nick and Chelsea are soon having a shower together.

Ashley realizes that part of Tony’s strategy was to have today’s meeting at the house (knowing Jack and Mike would be there too) Whatever it takes to win, she’s onboard. In that case, here’s what I’d like you to do, Tony leans in. In the living room, Jack’s annoyed to hear Ashley laughing. They think this is a joke. No, this is classic Tony, don’t take the bait, Mike advises.

Since Hilary’s not in a relationship, the Dr suggests IUI. Going over her file, she doesn’t see a problem – you’re not taking birth control. First step? We do some tests. If you really want this, it’s doable. Hilary ‘thinks’ she wants a baby – but on her own terms.

Shower done, Chelsea thinks Nick should stick to supervising renovations at the building – she’ll hire a contractor to fix the bathroom. When a perfume bottle shatters on the floor, Chelsea shrugs it off (but is clearly disappointed) As Nick heads back to work, she sadly picks up shards of glass.

Dr Chasen suggests Hilary freeze her eggs until she’s ready. First step is hormone shots. But what if Hilary’s ready now? If she doesn’t have a donor in mind, she can find one online.

Now in the Jabot boardroom, Mike warns Jack not to underestimate Tony. You’ve beaten him, right? Jack sounds worried. Before Mike can answer, Ashley and Tony arrive – as does the arbitrator, Frances.