Wednesday, January 24th

Over morning coffee, Lily and Cane are both tired. Sorry that Sam woke Lily up, Cane declines her offer to help with feedings – and her help when the nanny calls in sick. Cane has a Plan B.

JT comes home from dropping the kids off at school. When the phone rings, he jokes that it must be a Mom wondering who he is. Vikki’s all business – she’s having a confidential video chat later. You’ll get used to the routine, she’s sure. Unimpressed, JT heads up to shower. An obliviously happy Vikki punches keys on her laptop.

Things are understandably tense at the Abbott home. Jack denies he’s on edge (but the way he snaps at a telemarketer implies otherwise) We’ll see who’s smiling at the end of the day, Jack fires back at Ashley.

At Top of the Tower, Noah won’t ‘drop it’ – what happened between you and Mariah? Why is Tessa leaving Devon’s label instead of working things out? Tessa vows the song will never be released – Mariah wins this round.

Mariah in tow, Hilary accosts Mike for a comment about the Jabot hearing. You’ll be the first one I tell after Jack wins, Mike speaks into Hilary’s phone. He then offers to recommend a copyright lawyer to Mariah (who insists it’s not necessary and tries to shut him up) After Mariah manages to get rid of Mike, Hilary’s even more curious – what part of the story are you leaving out?

Almost getting run over, Gloria barely gets a word out as hurricane Jack blasts into his office. I don’t want to be disturbed – unless it’s Michael! he orders.

At CL’s, Phyllis makes it clear that she’s on Jack’s team – he added that clause for ME, not you (Ashley) Running Jabot is everything to Jack. Ashley finds it odd that Phyllis is so loyal to Jack – so soon after cheating on him – with his brother. Ashley’s doing this for the company; her Father’s legacy. Yeah, well Phyllis will be first in line to congratulate Jack when he wins today.

Back to TofTT, Noah’s not mad at Tessa – he’s sorry his sister’s causing problems for her. But when Tessa asks Noah not to go talk to Mariah, he seems annoyed. He also doesn’t understand why Tessa’s backing away from ‘her’ song.

At GC Buzz, Hilary’s got half the story (and wants to run with it) But plagiarism isn’t a big deal. Devon will credit you so you’ll get royalties. There’s more – Hilary knows that Mariah’s keeping a secret. Mariah running away is another clue.

Lily’s on babysitting duty after all. After Cane leaves, Lily sits to relax for a moment and sighs when Sam starts to cry.

As Vikki continues to turn the whole living room into her office, Reed’s off to a meeting (and missing his tablet) He’s not impressed that Johnny was playing on it. Time for Vikki’s video chat. Oh no – there’s a glitch. I can’t hear them. See you later, JT says over his shoulder as he slams out. If Vikki hadn’t heard the door, she wouldn’t even know JT had left.