Monday, February 5th

Billy comes home to ask ‘what’s going on CSI? Who got whacked?’ Phyllis is pondering an ‘evidence board’ – someone has to track down Alexandra West. This is the most likely suspect. Billy stares at a photo Phyllis adds to the board (likely Chelsea)

‘Hey handsome’, Chelsea welcomes Nick home. He asks her to fire up her fancy new laptop to show her some fixtures for Rainbow Gardens. It’s not new and the battery’s almost dead, Chelsea sends Nick off to get his tablet.

At HWG, Devon wants Tessa to work on ideas to integrate GC Buzz. Mariah arrives on cue, Hilary follows seconds later to rant about not having a parking spot at the club (which she blames on Tessa)

Working from home, Ashley agrees it’s a good idea if Jack does his work in the den.

Hilary continues to blast Devon for not setting up an office for her. She reminds all that she’ll be going off on maternity leave somewhere down the road (so needs to be fully invested now) When Devon allows Hilary to work in his office, Mariah makes a crack that has Tessa chuckling. Hilary’s not impressed to hear that the foursome is heading offsite for a team-building exercise.

Jack reenters the living room talking loudly on his phone as he finds something in the desk. On a call of her own, Ashley tells Jack to be quiet. Let me in, Traci shouts and bangs on the door. Guess who I ran into? she soon realizes that Jack and Ashley are not interested in conversation (and is left to pull out her phone when both march out)

Updating Billy on the money Nick found in the wall, Phyllis bets it’s the exact same amount Chelsea 2.0 was scammed for. That’s major fraud, Billy’s skeptical – why now? Chelsea’s reformed. She was a con artist – and Phyllis is confident that’s where the breadcrumbs will lead.

Arriving at Top of the Tower, Devon reassures Mariah that Noah’s not working tonight. Now seated, he declares the table a safe place to talk freely – LP Streaming can start booking acts on Hilary’s show. Power communications can promote it. Any other ideas? Mariah suggests franchising. No way – I’m the draw, Hilary suggests a show based on her pregnancy (which she could be right now) Just water, she tells the waiter.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea’s sure whoever scammed her is on to a new target. Nick goes upstairs happy to hear that Christian’s new thing is putting his pants on backwards. When Phyllis arrives to say she’s not giving up on finding their thief, Chelsea again wants to let it go. I’m really close to figuring it out – let’s put our heads together, Phyllis suggests. Not wanting to discuss it in front of the kids, Chelsea leaves Nick slightly puzzled when she escorts Phyllis out.