Tuesday, February 6th

I hope this does the trick. At home, Jack has flowers and a cardboard box. He’ll do whatever it takes to earn Ashley’s forgiveness and make this family whole again. Billy’s proud of his brother.

Responding to a text from Ashley, Lily’s in NE’s breakroom and tasked with providing a comprehensive analysis of BnS. Some products aren’t selling as well as others but with Lily’s input, Ashley will fix that. Vikki arrives with a sour face – Lily will be busy as BnS’s ambassador, she won’t have time to do research. COO outranks CIO – I’m sure you understand, she sneers.

JT surprises Reed by suggesting he go to his school’s jam night. Wasting no time grabbing his guitar, Reed hopes Mom’s OK with it. JT’s sure she will be – he has a surprise for her.

At the penthouse, Chelsea acts (for some sudden reason) like she’s frustrated that Phyllis won’t let this go. I haven’t done anything wrong to warrant her accusations. No, Nick’s not defending Phyllis – she just wants answers. I’m with you – in this and any fight ~hug~

At HWG, Charlie balks when Hilary orders him to go pick up her dry cleaning. I’m not your personal assistant, he scowls. I’m an executive member of this team, Hilary sends him off. Phyllis arrives in need of a wingman for a secret mission she knows Hilary will want to help with.

Back in the breakroom, Ashley gripes about Vikki dictating to one of HER team members. Lily tries to be diplomatic – she can do both jobs. After Lily leaves, Ashley suspects Vikki’s worried that her Dad might want a more experienced, less insecure CEO. Bring it on, try to take my job, Vikki challenges as she strolls out with confidence.

Jack pretends to be physically pained to be thanking Billy for the perspective on Ashley. Billy hopes everything goes according to plan tonight. He then gets a call from JT inviting him and Phyllis over for dinner. See you in an hour. Looks like both of us have an interesting night ahead of us, Billy says on his way out.

JT then calls to invite Nick over for dinner too. Chelsea’s not thrilled at the prospect but is talked into it. It’ll be nice to have a break from all things Phyllis, is her reasoning.

At the club, the plan is set in motion. Phyllis is seated at one table, Hilary another. The ‘target’ arrives. Jordan’s surprised to be meeting Phyllis instead of Lauren and quickly realizes he’s being accused of pulling a scam with Chelsea. You owe me for a plane ticket! he’s about to leave when Hilary marches over to demand he answer Phyllis’ questions or she’ll have him charged with posting revenge porn.

Vikki’s back in the breakroom texting JT when Victor comes in to get an earful about Ashley wanting to be CEO. She’s in for a long wait, Victor won’t give up control of his company. Stop fretting. Ashley may try to entrap you – don’t let her. I love you, he leaves Vikki looking displeased.

At Top of the Tower, Lily tells Nikki that Ashley and Vikki are vying for the throne. Nikki’s not surprised they to hear they aren’t getting along. Lily’s had enough corporate intrigue for a lifetime and yes, she’s asking Nikki to take the matter to Victor.