Friday, February 2nd

Lauren ends a call to join JT at the club to see if there’s any update on the work he’s doing for Fenmore’s. Cane appears to say he’s interested in hearing that too.

Both pleased with their newly renovated bathroom, Nick’s decided to use Chelsea’s donation from the found money to build a playground at Rainbow Gardens. Adam’s legacy will go towards making children happy.

At the revolving door, Phyllis lets Nikki know that she saw her going upstairs with a young man last night and notes that she’s wearing the same clothes as yesterday. You go girl. Turning her nose up and refusing to high five Phyllis, Nikki makes no apologies for her walk of shame.

In Newman’s breakroom, Ashley and Vikki force smiles as they exchange not-so-veiled insults; competing over who starts their day earlier. Vikki reminds that she’s chief of operations – ALL operations. She’s not worried that her work is ‘piling up because she’s young and has lots of energy. Vikki then claims that Abby spilled the beans that Ashley’s looking for allies. And why was Ashley meeting with Lily?
Denying she’s paranoid, Vikki’s sure Ashley’s up to something.

Back at the penthouse, Nick furrows his unibrow at his phone; annoyed that his Mom gave Arturo a 10% increase. Chelsea’s sure Nikki had a good reason. Phyllis calls to remind Chelsea of their meeting – Lauren feels we should send out a press release to let customers know they had nothing to do with the Chelsea 2.0 scam. Don’t make any decisions til the three of us speak, Chelsea instructs and heads off to meet Phyllis.

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Cane’s now seated with Lauren and JT at the club. JT has a lead but doesn’t want to get Lauren’s hopes up just yet. After Lauren leaves, Cane’s disappointed that JT broke their exclusivity agreement. Do this again and I can’t help you. We clear? Crystal clear, JT nods.

Arriving at the club, Mariah wonders why Tessa’s carrying her gym bag – you don’t leave your clothes in your locker? Mariah’s left looking suspicious when Tessa heads up to the office saying she starts early and leaves work late (to make things up to Devon)

Where’s my yogurt? Ashley searches the fridge and explains that she’s just trying to get some insight into NE to work more efficiently – of course I’d call my daughter. Get a grip on your insecurities – Ashley’s too busy for that, aren’t you? Ah, here’s my yogurt – have a wonderful day, she marches out.

At the club, Nikki tells Nick that Arturo convinced her that the price increase was necessary. Some contractors wouldn’t have come to them first – it speaks to his character. Deferring to her experience, Nick leaves Nikki to ignore Arturo’s call.