Thursday, February 8th

At the cemetery, Chelsea’s stunned. You scared the life out of me – what are you doing here, Sharon? Were you following me?

Hilary and Phyllis loiter at Nick’s table at the club – waiting for someone? Is Chelsea missing in action? Have a nice evening, Nick shoos them off. With a few final words about Chelsea, Hilary and Phyllis leave him to think.

Devon stops by Victor’s office to head off a future issue. Yes, he does handle the PR but this is something Victor might want to handle personally. The potential threat comes from someone in the family.

There’s my girl, JT comes down to greet Vikki – the kids are upstairs watching a video. Surprise! he pulls out a large box.

Back at the cemetery, Sharon explains that she came to leave a flower for Adam after visiting Cassie’s grave. Hope was such a wonderful person, Sharon often wondered why Adam was so different from his Mother. After a few more touching words, Sharon leaves Chelsea to grieve alone (and quickly start to unscrew the marker)

What has Nick done now to embarrass the company? Victor wonders. It’s not Nick, Devon treads carefully as he tells Victor (as Noah’s friend) that Noah’s drinking might be becoming a problem. Victor’s not surprised when he hears that ‘urchin’ Tessa was involved. Thanks, have a nice evening, Victor assures Devon that it won’t happen again.

Noah’s about to order a drink at the club’s bar when Nick calls him over. No thanks, Noah doesn’t want to get into it. Nick has no idea what he’s talking about. Noah’s upset because his Dad’s renting an apartment to Tessa. She’s playing everyone in this family!

Across the room about to order dinner with Hilary, Phyllis can’t keep her eyes off Nick – he’s still waiting for Chelsea, she assumes. Hilary would rather talk about herself (possibly being pregnant) Phyllis’ advice is ‘don’t stress’. Hilary confesses that something else is troubling her – what if her baby’s Father is a psychopath?

Chelsea’s stunned to find that the money she hid at the cemetery is gone. Oh no!

Vikki’s delighted with the dress JT picked out all by himself for Valentine’s Day – then whines about Ashley. How can we keep tabs on her? Bug her office? Tap her phone? GPS tracker? How far do you want to take this? JT doesn’t want to end up in jail. Plus, as head of NE security, he can’t target employees his girlfriend doesn’t like.