Friday, February 9th

Nick and Phyllis agree that Adam’s plaque looks like it’s been opened recently. In no time handyman Nick removes the cover. It’s empty. What now? Go home, Nick guesses. Phyllis worries he’s not capable of asking Chelsea the tough questions.

Drop the act – Victor knows all about Alexandra West. Why does Chelsea need 250K off the books? Chelsea spits reasons – Nick gave his trust fund away – the fire reminded her that disaster can strike at any moment. If Victor learns that Chelsea’s resorting to her old ways her cozy life with Nick will be replaced with life in prison. I’ll see to it, he vows.

The next morning, Vikki calls JT into her office to complain about the article she’s reading online (which implies that Ashley’s replacing her etc.) This could damage my reputation. We’re a team here at NE, JT shrugs it off and leaves claiming he’s busy.

At Jabot, Jack tells Gloria that he has a plan to combat the much-publicized effects of Ashley leaving. We’ll come back stronger than ever.

Traci gives JT a warm welcome when he drops by the house on this appropriate day. No, he hasn’t forgotten it’s Colleen’s birthday and never will.

Vikki’s now in her Dad’s office to whine about the misleading and over the top ‘puff piece’ article about Ashley. Victor reminds that they threw a full-blown press conference when Vikki returned to NE. Be competitive – if you want the spotlight off Ashley do something to grab it away from her.

As Gloria flitters about the office, Jack boasts to Lauren and Phyllis that he’s poached a top-notch chemist to replace Ashley. Helen starts on tomorrow. Curious as to how Jack worked so fast, Phyllis and Lauren want to know what he’s hiding.

Coming downstairs, Chelsea thanks Nick for letting her sleep in. She had so much work to do last night. Did you have to deal with anything else? Nick then drops the bomb; he knows about the texts she’s been getting. Oh yes, Chelsea owes Phyllis an apology – it’s a competitor. Nick wants to work through things like this together – we’re a team. Now, tell me the truth about last night. Why did you lie about goint to the cemetery?

Informed that Helen will be paid more than Ashley was (though doesn’t own shares) Phyllis and Lauren hope Jack can throw some money at their ‘lounge’ project. Ever faithful to Jack, Gloria chimes in to say that Ashley never put Jabot first as he does. Jack assures Phyllis and Lauren that he’s made the right decision.