Wednesday, February 7th

At the club, Cane and Billy aren’t impressed that JT’s late for a meeting. That’s OK – I quit, JT announces.

Devon bumps into Lily in NE’s break room to hear that things are dicey between Vikki and Ashley. He hopes she won’t get caught in the middle. Too late for that, she sighs.

In Vikki’s office, Ashley informs that Lily will be along soon. As usual, they bicker and jostle for position. Ashley was brought on to ‘shake things up’. No, you were brought here to stick it to Jack – you have nothing unique to offer. That’s not true, you’ll catch on soon enough, Ashley matches Vikki’s confidence.

Sharon gives Nick a box of donuts for his crew free of charge – for the cause, no bribe (though she would like to keep Faith an extra night) Nick’s OK with that – it gives him time to figure out if Chelsea’s lying to him.

Chelsea’s at Jabot to accuse Phyllis of sending her threatening texts – back off and stop meddling in my life! Phyllis has no idea what she’s talking about.

Back at CL’s, Nick updates Sharon on Phyllis confronting Chelsea at Vikki’s last night. He’s not sure Chelsea’s telling the truth. Sharon tells Nick to trust his instincts.

Phyllis reminds that she confronted Chelsea last night – she has no need to send cryptic messages. Chelsea wonders why Phyllis is doing this. Why are YOU doing this? Phyllis fires back and denies she’s trying to break Chelsea and Nick up – she’s looking out for him as a friend. Now there’s someone else out there who has it out for you. You better watch your back, Phyllis warns Chelsea.

Still in Vikki’s office, Ashley updates on Abby’s progress in Paris (which Vikki claims she already knows) A more aggressive management style is needed to move past your failures, Ashley warns Vikki not to make an enemy of her – or ask Victor to choose between them. Lily arrives to say that Victor wants to meet with Vikki at the end of the day. No, he didn’t mention anything else. Let’s discuss BnS, they agree.

Seated at the club with Cane and Billy, JT’s reminded that he signed a contract with CI. He got offered a better job; head of security at NE. Cane has no room to talk about him being given a job by his ex-wife when he was given a cushy job by his stepmother. OK, but don’t come to me for any more favours, Cane says as JT exits.