Monday, February 12th

In Vikki’s office, Victor listens as she reads an article on Jack replacing Ashley. He’s excited. No, he’s only pretending to be excited, Victor corrects. Vikki’s suspicious – Ashley could be spying for her brother.

At home, Jack’s on the phone with his new hire, Helen – the lab is state of the art, he boasts. I look forward to seeing you ~click~ Was that Traci? Ashley comes in to ask. No, it was your replacement.

Nick’s having writers’ block over a Valentine’s card when Chelsea comes down to suggest they do something special with the boys. Nick doesn’t seem enthused. OK, we can do something just us, Chelsea tries again. She wants their first Valentine’s together to be special. Nick’s not really into it but he’s a guy, so sex it is.

At CL’s, Billy agrees it’s pretty sketchy that Victor gave Lauren a briefcase of money and asked her to drop it – but he still doesn’t want Phyllis to ‘poke the bear’. Phyllis won’t let Chelsea pull any more scams (especially on Nick)

Vikki informs Victor that Helen Wallace’s contract with her previous company wasn’t up for renewal. Why did Jack replace Ashley so quickly, and pay so much? Victor doesn’t agree that Ashley would sell NE out. Her issues with Jack are real – she’s upset with him. Vikki still wants to keep company secrets from Ashley until they’re sure she’s committed to NE.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack goads Ashley about Helen. He’s sure Jabot will be just fine. Good thing you have that blood-only clause. If Helen’s so brilliant, you must worry she’d try come after your job, Ashley quips as she leaves the room.

Wrapped in nothing but a blanket and a clingy Chelsea, Nick really needs to shower and go see Arturo. OK, fine – the sooner you go, the sooner you can come back, Chelsea sighs as Nick gets up.

Hilary’s in Devon’s office talking to Mariah on the phone (she’s home sick) when Devon comes to listen as Hilary blathers on about her brand growing – I need to be more prominent. Devon needs to stop Hilary right there – your vision for the show is nothing like mine.

Ashley’s now with Vikki and Victor to talk about vanishing sunblock. Blundens has the patent and no one’s been successful in buying the company (though Vikki boasts that she’s been cultivating a relationship) Ashley knows the owner of the company and as long as she’s part of the package they’re willing to sell. Get the contracts prepared, Victor instructs. Already done, Ashley just needs his signature. And mine, Vikki chimes in quickly. Praised highly by Victor, Ashley leaves Vikki looking ready to implode.