Tuesday, February 13th

It’s Valentine’s Day in GC – let the romance begin. Billy comes downstairs to find Phyllis dressed to impress.

Vikki’s admiring her new dress in the mirror but when JT hugs her from behind, her smile is tinged with sadness.

Chelsea finishes painting her nails and tries not to look guilty as she eyes a framed photo of Nick and Christian.

Cane puts the finishing touches on his decor (a bunch of flowers forming an archway on the wall)

Chelsea comes down to answer the door. Garment bag in her hand, Lily really needs her help.

Exchanging cards and sappy words, Billy wonders about the big surprise Phyllis has been teasing all day. Phyllis will give it to him later. Billy may have a big surprise for her too. How big? ~kiss~

Mattie takes over ironing so Cane can focus on picking the right music for tonight without scorching his shirt. Yes, Cane’s nervous and incredibly excited.

Lily shows Chelsea her first wedding dress (Dru’s) and the one she wore for her second wedding. Chelsea’s delighted to help and gets Lily to recap her history with Cane. Wear them both! she offers to merge the two dresses into something perfect. Chelsea’s inspired by Lily – love can find a way.

Vikki and JT arrive at Top of the Tower gushing over one another on their first special outing as a couple. They chat with Phyllis and Billy but move on quickly when Hilary appears. As Phyllis goes to grab a table, Billy invites Hilary to join them (and again mentions his big surprise) While Hilary agrees to save Devon a dance, Phyllis is quietly asking JT if the serial numbers match (thereby busting Chelsea)

Lily continues her story as Chelsea works on the dress. Love comes with uncertainties, they agree. Lily confides her concern over raising another woman’s child. Able to relate (as she’s raising Christian) Chelsea offers words of support.

Back at Top of the Tower, Billy and Vikki discuss her reconciling with JT – will they marry? Hilary’s eyes widen as she watches Billy fiddling with something in his pocket. When JT reappears, Billy goes for drinks while Hilary chats to Phyllis about Devon. Oh, and Billy might propose! Phyllis sits in shock as all applaud Victor and Nikki’s arrival.