Wednesday, February 14th

At NE, Phyllis leaves JT yet another message – blowing me off is not an option! ~click~ When Victor arrives, Phyllis follows him into his office to ask where the money came from – what didn’t you tell Lauren? Who are you covering for?

Bumping into a rumpled JT at CL’s, Vikki suggests he go change before clocking in at the office. Grabbing her arm, JT thinks their talk is more important than her meeting (who is it with?) Vikki’s going to the office – you should try it some time. JT’s left shaking his head in frustration.

Jack gets a call from Ashley as he’s jogging in the park. She’s sorry about being ‘less than polite’ when introduced to his new chemist. Helen’s a good hire. Jack thinks that very ‘adult’ of Ashley. After he hangs up, Vikki comes along to ask if he’s in or out. Jack’s in and Vikki’s already got an idea to get Ashley out of NE and back to Jabot.

At the penthouse, Connor and Christian are all bundled up for the outdoors – then sent to the kitchen for cookies so Nick and Chelsea can kiss and talk about their happy little family.

Phyllis continues to badger Victor for info – why did he give Lauren cash instead of a check and ask her not to question it? Phyllis knows Chelsea’s the thief but not why Victor’s covering for her. Kindly asked to show herself out, Phyllis does so without further ado.

Ashley closes the door to NE’s break room to have a private chat with JT – about Vikki. When JT preemptively makes it clear that he won’t go against Vikki, Ashley claims that she just wants to make peace.

Back at the park, Jack thinks Vikki’s plan ‘bold and risky’ but will people really believe that Ashley just came to NE to spy for Jabot? Vikki thinks so (with their help)

Now at the elevator, Ashley reflects on her history with Vikki. Victor likes to pit his executives against each other. She and Vikki don’t have to be best friends but why not colleagues? JT’s not buying it – Vikki told him that Ashley wants Victor’s job. Shrugging that off, Ashley again states that she just wants to make peace. Knock yourself out, JT wants no part of it and has actual work to do. He’s then accosted by Phyllis. JT’s called his contact at the GCPD and now has other problems to go resolve.

Jack wants to be clear on why he’s doing this – he wants to protect Ashley from the man who’s wounded her very deeply. My Father isn’t interested in a fling with Ashley, Vikki’s sure. Jack believes it’s just a matter of time before Ashley gets hurt and he”s only teaming up with Vikki to make things right with his sister. If he makes a mistake now, he’ll lose any hope of reuniting his family.