Thursday, February 15th

Accepting Chelsea’s proposal, Nick slips a ring on her finger (his Valentine’s gift to her) After a kiss and some laughs, Chelsea removes the ring – maybe it’s best not to unveil it at Noah’s big dinner tonight.

At home, Phyllis shows Billy the evidence on her laptop; these are the serial numbers of the money Victor gave Lauren – and these are the serial numbers of the money Nick took to the police. Chelsea’s guilty – and Phyllis just needs to figure out how to expose her.

Picking up paperwork from the office, Devon declines Hilary’s dinner invite – he’ll be working late with Simone in the recording studio. Charlie’s eyes light up but Hilary’s got him working on an important task already (going through flashdrives) Devon could really use Charlie in the studio so he can focus more on Simone. Given little choice but to agree, Hilary’s left alone to sulk.

Lily would much rather chat with Nikki at the club’s bar than go to her spin class. Reporting that she didn’t have much luck with Victor (he likes having Ashley and Vikki ‘locking horns’) Nikki advises Lily to keep her head down/stay out of the crossfire. She’s delighted to hear that Lily and Cane renewed their vows (inspired by Nikki and Victor)

Chelsea tells Nick that she’s decided to wear her ring to Noah’s announcement dinner but will turn the stone to the inside so it doesn’t attract attention.

Already at Top of the Tower, Noah’s not having second thoughts but convincing the family that this is what he wants won’t be easy. Together we’ll make it happen, Victor reassures.

Nikki joins Victor at a large table to comment that there’s no press or PR spinmaster in sight to tell them what to do. What are you and Noah up to? He’s coming into his own as a Newman, Victor reiterates his devotion to his kids and grandkids – he’ll do anything to protect them.

Billy’s not happy to overhear Phyllis leaving a message for Hilary. Yes, she’s thinking of exposing Chelsea on her show. Billy still wonders why Victor’s involved – he could be framing Chelsea (who’s worked hard to redeem herself) Give her the benefit of the doubt – get her side of the story. In fact, Billy will give it a try. OK, but Phyllis insists on going with him.