Tuesday, February 27th

Over wine at home with Phyllis, Billy understands why Sharon told the truth. It wasn’t just about Nick and Christian – this is also about what happened with Nick and Summer. Christian deserves to know where he came from.

Sharon joins Nick where she knew she’d find him – the DNA lab. She understands. You shouldn’t have come, Nick says weakly. Sharon won’t let him go through this alone.

In the waiting area, Nick can’t take his frustration out on Chelsea so Sharon might bear the brunt of it. Instead, he can almost chuckle about Sharon and Phyllis working together. Sharon now makes it about herself – maybe she was undoing the pain she caused. You thought Christian was yours too – you loved him. Sharon still does. Nick can never fault her for that.

Phyllis continues to rant about Chelsea – she never loved Nick. She’s a good liar. Billy agrees – he believed Chelsea wanted to make a better life for herself. He wonders if he’ll ever see her again. Phyllis hopes not – you almost married that woman. Billy wonders why Chelsea got so desperate. And why did she almost take Christian? Nick won’t lose Christian like Billy lost Delia – but raising Adam’s son will be challenging.

When Ashley arrives at the bar, Vikki makes a hasty exit. It didn’t look like ‘meaningless chatter’ to Ashley. OK, we were talking about you, Jack admits.

Sharon suggests they go out for a bite – a change of scenery. Nick can’t leave until he finds out one way or the other. He can’t stop thinking about the night he came to take Christian (Sully) out of Sharon’s arms. Sharon doesn’t blame him – you were a victim – you lost a year of your son’s life. You were a victim too, Nick makes a list. They then discuss how proud they are of Faith and Noah. Nick’s so sorry. Sharon weeps on his shoulder.

Hilary ends a call then tells Mariah that she has to run out. Now!? We’re about to go on the air, Mariah yelps. I’ll be back – don’t panic (Hilary leaves Mariah to panic)

Glass of wine in hand, Ashley tells Jack that things are great at NE – except for the minor issue of Princess Vikki. I let her know I’m after her job. Healthy competition is good. Are you happy? Jack asks. Are you? Ashley asks how Helga is. Helen’s bright but she’s not you. When Jack seems about to offer her a job again, Ashley repeats that she’s very happy and leaves.

Mariah’s on the phone leaving a frantic message for Hilary. Devon comes along wanting to apologize to Hilary for being harsh with her. He’s pissed to hear that Hilary’s gone. Devon’s call goes straight to voicemail. Mariah gets a reply – Hilary won’t make it back in time for the show – sorry. Devon suspects Hilary’s trying to leverage so will call her bluff. Mariah’s doing the live show by herself.

As Devon watches from the sidelines, Mariah jumps into hostess mode (and does a fine job)

Billy, your sister just barged in! Phyllis calls him down and though she doesn’t HAVE to give them privacy, has emails to send. Now alone, Ashley tells Billy that Vikki and Jack were chatting at the club – about me, she suspects. Billy admits that Vikki was curious as to why Ashley left Jabot. No, he didn’t say anything.

Chelsea’s currently on the run with her innocent child after scamming Fenmore’s – wanted by authorities. Why would someone with the perfect life risk the wrath of Lauren Fenmore. As Mariah signs off, everyone appluads. That was great! Amazing! Devon gushes. You belong in that chair. He now feels Hilary is dispensable.

You have nothing to apologize for, Sharon reassures. Nick’s sorry that he didn’t think about how much taking Christian hurt her. It must have been hell for you to lose him. It was really hard, Sharon admits – Dylan couldn’t handle it either. We couldn’t help each other. When Sharon describes her pain, Nick again apologizes. It got better, Sharon now feels joy when seeing Christian happy and healthy. Nick now talks about Chelsea (and the red flags he ignored) As they wait for the results, Sharon’s never wanted to be so wrong in her life.

Devon brings out booze from Hilary’s private stash. Mariah defends Hilary – maybe she had a legitimate reason for leaving. It was egotistical and childish, Devon knows Hilary wanted to get his attention – and she did. Devon’s now ready to accept Hilary’s resignation (much to Mariah’s surprise)

After Ashley leaves, Phyllis comes down to get a present from her adoring Billy. It’s some sort of phone charger with photos of Billy all over it. With all the drama going on, Billy’s grateful for ‘what we have’ – he wants to nurture it every day (not sabotage it like usual) YOU DO deserve it – we both do. Phyllis won’t let Billy screw this up ~kiss~

Nick brings the envelope over to Sharon before opening it and sob over the results. It’s definite. I’m not his father, Nick cries in Sharon’s arms.