Monday, February 26th

The envelope reads ‘Welcome to your new home Nick and Christian’ and has a key to the penthouse inside. He tosses the key and rips up the envelope.

Sharon removes the yellow crime scene tape and enters the coffee house to find it in shambles. Mariah tries to get her Mom to go home, knowing she’s upset.

At home, Phyllis hopes Billy has some dirt on Sharon. He denies having a fling with Sharon – he slept with her the night before his wedding to Chloe. Phyllis needs useful info – something to blackmail Sharon with so she won’t tell Nick who Christian’s Father is.

Victor’s leaving the ranch – it’s too quiet. At lease Chelsea let him see the boys, Nick might not. Nikki thinks it a bad idea to go see Nick (in a bid to see Christian) Victor will sort it out – but not with Nick. After he leaves, Nikki grabs her purse.

When JT comes home, Vikki points out express mail. It’s from Mac’s attorney, he hands it over to Vikki. I can’t believe her! she’s horrified by whatever she reads.

Nikki’s at the penthouse to hear Nick whine – poor Christian’s already had three Mothers. He’s had no continuity. The police have been in and out looking for evidence. The DA might seize the place – I’m not on the deed. Nikki suggests Nick move back to the tackhouse. As Dad’s tenant? Nick thinks that a terrible idea.

Mariah tries to talk Sharon out of doing anything else but clean up the coffee house. Sharon’s still not sure Chelsea’s responsible. Mariah feels sorry for Nick but at least there’s no more secrets. Sharon wouldn’t bet on that.

Even threatening to cut Billy off sex, Phyllis gets no help. Billy thinks Nick should know. WHEN it comes out, he’ll be even more devastated that Phyllis and Sharon knew and didn’t tell him. Victor arrives – hope it’s not a bad time. Hello Billy. Victor’s there to thank Phyllis for warning the family about Chelsea. Yes, he’ll hunt her down to bring Connor home. The purpose of Victor’s visit is to order Phyllis to convince Nick that he and Nikki can help take care of Christian.