Tuesday, February 27th

As Phyllis can only huff and puff, Sharon insists to Nick that she wouldn’t say this if she wasn’t positive. She couldn’t stand the thought of Nick believing…. Say it again, Nick orders flatly. You’re not Christian’s Father, Adam is, Sharon complies.

Still on the patio, Phyllis explains that Chelsea threatened to reveal the secret if she exposed her website scam. She and Sharon then matched Christian’s DNA profile to Adam’s to confirm Chelsea wasn’t bluffing. What will you do now? the ladies wonder.

Devon arrives at the studio just as the show’s about to go live. He’s there to monitor his ‘investment’ – and demands Hilary treat this like a job, not a place for her to work out her personal issues.

Joining Vikki at the club’s bar, Jack orders a club soda and updates on his progress re: Mission Ashley. He gave an interview – said too much – hinted that he had big news on Newman. Vikki clinks Jack’s glass – here’s to getting what we both want. Jack just hopes Ashley never finds out.

Aside, Hilary tells Mariah that she did indeed offer to quit the show. She and Devon clash because they’re both stubborn – something draws us together. Mariah knows – she felt it even when she was dating Devon (but isn’t upset about it anymore) Hilary doesn’t want to play games – she wants to be real with Devon and feels terrible about what she did to BnS, Juliet etc. Devon’s so cold and distant. Hilary can’t live with being just his ‘investment’. Mariah sees no other choice.

But we had a DNA test done, Nick’s stunned and confused. Chelsea, Sharon, Phyllis lied to him – so did Sage, he marches out to go get answers, leaving Phyllis to glare at Sharon.

So how’s Ashley doing at Newman? Jack asks. She’s scoring points with my Father and exerting her influence throughout the company – she’s in her element (and Vikki wants her gone) Does she miss Jabot at all? Jack wonders. No, she wants to kick Jabot’s butt. Vikki knows Jack has a hard task ahead of him – what exactly did you do to push Ashley out and get her so mad at you?