Wednesday, February 28th

Packing up the penthouse, Nick puts framed photos of Chelsea into the trash and photos of him and the boys into a box. As he stares at a photo of Christian, Nick turns as he hears ‘Daddy’ from upstairs.

Nikki’s summoned Phyllis to the ranch to ask about her coming by the other night (when Chelsea took the boys) You and I have unfinished business, Nikki sniffs.

On the patio, JT gets a call from Mac. What?! No, he didn’t ask Vikki to call and leave her a message. After Mac hangs up, JT’s then accosted by Paul – asking what he’s got on Victor.

At the coffee shop, Sharon sends Nick a text (to check in on him) Missing the text, Nick brings Christian down. Victor arrives at the door – there’s ‘my boy’, he gushes over Christian. Nick asks that Victor call next time before coming to see Christian. Actually, Victor came to see Nick.

Pressured by Paul, JT claims that he just hasn’t found the right lead yet. We don’t have a shred of evidence – time is running out, Paul warns that Chris and her DOJ friends might have to pull this operation. JT will be in touch soon with something on Victor. I won’t let you down, he promises (and leaves Paul to scowl alone on the patio.

When Victor brings up Chelsea’s lies, Nick sighs – it’s not the first time he’s been disillusioned by a woman he loves. He’ll manage. How will you feel if you never see Connor again? Victor asks. Nick chokes up – he can’t think about that. No, Nick can’t stay at the penthouse. OK, Victor will leave Nick to his packing. I do care you know. We’re both dealing with a lot of loss. Wait, Nick says as Victor’s about to leave.

Phyllis is sorry she couldn’t get to the ranch in time to stop Chelsea. Nikki’s sorry she didn’t believe Phyllis and appreciates her protecting Nick and her grandchildren. Nikki’s then surprised to hear that Victor also thanked Phyllis. He must be mad that you figured it out when he didn’t have an inkling. Oh, he had more than an inkling – Phyllis informs that Victor not only knew, he helped cover Chelsea’s tracks. Nikki’s flabbergasted.

With Connor gone, Nick understands that Victor wants to spend time with and protect Christian. Neither can pretend things are cool between them but agree to be civil. Victor then repeats Nikki’s offer to move back to the ranch. So you can throw us out again? No, Nick wants to move forward not backward. Victor will do everything he can to find Chelsea and more importantly Connor. Nick knows this is more about Victor finding his grandson than helping him.

Hearing that Victor denied everything when confronted by Phyllis, Nikki’s outraged that he protected and helped Chelsea instead of telling Nick the truth – why?? Nikki appreciates Phyllis doing what Victor should have done (telling her) I’ll take it from here.

Surprised when JT comes home, Vikki can’t talk right now – she’s in the middle of this report. The report can wait, JT means business. When Lily drops by seconds later, she’s also surprised to find JT home. Vikki takes Lily into the kitchen to make tea before they ‘dive in’. JT’s left to snoop around where Vikki was working. What are you doing? she returns to ask (with Lily)