Friday, March 9th

Devon wheels Sam’s stroller into the club and asks if the baby can keep a secret. He then calls Hilary to announce that he’s downstairs – come for dinner, he invites. Hilary grabs her purse and is down the stairs within 30 seconds.

Are you hallucinating? Victor’s disappointed – how can Vikki run his empire if she’s so threatened by talented people. What will you do now? Vikki asks. Victor leaves without responding.

You girls should be getting dressed, Dina tells Abby, Traci and Ashley all about John being the star quarterback. All play along (and don’t mention that Dina has clown make up on) We’ll help you with the finishing touches before you go to the dance at Walnut Grove. Ashley then gets a call from Victor to apologize (but when he won’t go further, Ashley hangs up) Abby picks up her phone when it rings – you won’t believe this.

You really are a natural, Devon’s impressed by the way Hilary fusses over Sam. She declines feeding him – we just bumped into each other, remember? Hilary could watch the two of them all day.

Finding Vikki’s office empty, JT leaves her a message (he’s a little worried about how things went with Victor)

OK, I’m here, Abby meets Vikki on the CL’s patio. She knows Victor’s had his say, but now Abby wants hers.

Back at the house, Dina continues her bell-of-the-ball performance. How’s my make up? After Ashley cleans her face, Dina asks for a mirror and smiles at a reflection of her younger self. This is the year John and I will be crowned King and Queen. Picking up the phone to call John, she wonders why it has buttons – where’s the dial? When Victor drops by, he plays along too – John can’t come but he sent me to take you to the dance in his place. I’m Victor.

Ye, Devon’s having a nice time. What’s he thinking about? He and Hilary are both creative – but this baby is a real creation. He hasn’t been able to get Hilary’s request for a donation out of his mind.

Victor tells Dina that John had to stay behind and do schoolwork – he needs good grades to give you the life you deserve. Victor would be honoured to take Dina to the winter formal. You’re a classic beauty, Victor charms Dina. Isn’t he loveliest man? Dina turns to Traci and Ashley (who glares)

I did what I had to do, Vikki repeats to Abby. Put on a big show if you want – but this isn’t about your Mother. I’m the one in the way of your lofty ambitions. I was here first. I earned my place. We’re sisters in name only. You probably enjoyed putting the screws to me. Damn right I did, Abby snarls.

As Dina and Victor arrive at Top of the Tower, an already seated Ashley and Traci taost to their Mother having a good evening. Traci almost feels like Dina recognized her today. Randal, the host, is introduced to Victor’s date. At their table, Dina gasps with delight at the wrist corsage. What’s your name again? Victor asks Dina to dance (as Traci and Ashley continue to smile on)

JT gets a text from Paul (stop dodging my calls – I need a progress report) He leaves Vikki’s office and takes a seat outside Victor’s office – pretending to talk on the phone about business until the receptionist leaves her desk. JT wastes no time going in to Victor’s office to start snooping.

As Traci takes Dina over to the light to see her corsage better, Victor tells Ashley that he dropped by the house to ask her to come back to NE. Ashley will – if he fires Vikki.

Back on the patio, Vikki and Abby argue over past history. Abby’s tired of Vikki minimizing and trivializing her; thinking her more an Abbott than a Newman. I’m through with putting up with it – and you!

Now home, Ashley and Traci discuss how comforting it was to see Dina so happy tonight – she was fully immersed in the past; was so sweet about Dad; the attention to detail. Both think it a good idea to make a video. They then discuss Victor (and Ashley’s ultimatum that he fire Vikki if he wants her back)

This is going to cost you BIG lady. Abby will stake her claim at NE tomorrow – she and her Mom will be the new dynasty.

JT tells Victor that he was just about to leave him a note. Don’t ever come in this office unless you see me, Victor orders. JT then learns the truth – Vikki lied to you and me (she owned up to conspiring with Jack)

Getting a call from Cane, Devon’s babysitting shift will soon be over. Yes, he’s been thinking about it a lot and wants the same thing as Hilary; he wants to experience the magic of raising a child. He wards off Hilary’s hug – this isn’t about us getting back together. We’re past sharing a life together but we can co-parent a child. Deal? Deal, Hilary shakes Devon’s hand.