Friday, March 9th

How did your Father react? Ashley asks when Abby drops by the house. He needs time to go over it, Abby couldn’t read Victor. Even if he believes his favourite daughter is the guilty one, Abby’s not sure Victor will do anything about it.

In her office, Vikki continues to lie to JT – she knew her Dad would believe her and fire Ashley once he found out she was a spy. You sound confident about that, Victor appears to say – too confident.

At HWG, Hilary likes Devon’s idea for a series on women about to be released from prison. About to show the photo that inspired him, Devon ends up showing Hilary a photo (of him and Sam) that lets her know he likes babies (which she knows doesn’t mean he wants one with her)

Victor decides who’s ‘involved’ (and JT’s clearly not, so is dismissed) Victor shows Vikki a copy of Jack’s phone bill showing all the calls they made to each other. You lied to me, repeatedly, he scowls.

Hilary thinks it kind of Devon – but he doesn’t have to hide the fact that he loves his nephew. You’d be a great Father. But you wanted me to walk away, Devon reminds. As their banter seems to turn to negotiation, Devon gets a call from Lily – she needs him to babysit Sam. She blames herself for not being able to come along to see the baby. Yes, Devon will say ‘hi’ for Hilary (who’s left to pout)

Fine, you got me – Vikki won’t lie anymore but she also won’t apologize for not trusting Ashley. She is not an asset to NE, she’s a liability. You have blinders on when it comes to Ashley, Vikki lectures (she did what needed to be done)

As Ashley convinces Abby not to go pressure Victor, Traci comes home with some memory games for Dina and is alarmed to hear that Ashley will call her lawyer if she doesn’t hear from Victor by the end to the day. Dina then interrupts needing help with her dress – John will be home soon to me to the winter ball, she chortles.