Monday, March 12th

At the ranch, Vikki updates her Mom on her attempt to get Ashley fired – and now is waiting for her Dad to fire her. He’ll never fire you, Nikki’s sure. He’s fired people for much less, Vikki frets.

In his office, Victor’s not surprised that Vikki’s not taking JT’s calls. He has proof of calls between Vikki and Jack. And wasn’t that evidence against Ashley easy to find – as if it had been planted? You’ve been used, son. JT doesn’t understand – Vikki and I don’t keep secrets from each other.

At the Abbott home, Abby tells her Mom that she took a stand with Vikki and will make Victor see them as equals. Ashley and Abby then debate whether Victor will fire his daughter to keep Ashley.

The Ashby’s are at home when Lily gets a text from Devon – she can start working at HWG tomorrow. Cane’s deemed the best husband ever when he sends Lily off to thank Devon in person. Now alone, Cane makes a call – there’s been a change of plans.

Hilary brings out a bottle of bubbly to celebrate her and Devon having a baby. Co-parenting only, Devon quickly reminds and putting the bottle down thinks that if they’re going to create a baby, they must do it the right way.

Hilary’s puzzled when Devon ends a call thanking someone for coming in on such short notice. Lily then appears to wonder which desk is hers. Why would YOU have a desk here? Hilary’s again ‘out of the loop’ – but soon updated that Lily’s starting a modeling agency for HWG. He’s got a contractor coming in to push out this wall. Hilary objects – she has an important role at HWG. The cattiness continues but it’s Lily who scores the win; she’ll be on the HWG board of directors, Devon announces.

Returning to Victor’s office with some requested ‘data’, JT admits he hasn’t heard from Vikki yet. He doesn’t believe Vikki framed Ashley – but IF she did, it’s basically Victor’s fault. Vikki played both you and me, Victor points out.

Hilary blasts Devon; why does Lily deserve a seat on the board and not me. Uh, it’s the Hamilton Winters Group, Lily reminds that Hilary’s neither. When flowers are delivered, Hilary’s VERY excited – until she reads they’re from Cane (to Lily) How sweet, Lily moves the flowers to her desk (as Hilary tosses the card)

Victor comes home to ask if Vikki’s there as a preemptive strike (to get her Mother on her side) No, Vikki takes full responsibility and hopes her apology will make Victor less disappointed in her. What about Ashley? Victor doubts she’ll go back to Jabot after this. Nikki chimes in to say that Vikki will do whatever’s necessary to make things right. When Vikki echoes that, Victor hopes she means that.