Thursday, March 8th

Victor closes his office door and thanks Ashley for coming. Declining to take a seat, Ashley rants about Vikki – she’s tired of dealing with it. You won’t have to anymore – Victor’s concluded that Ashley’s the one colluding with Jack. You’re loyal to him and Jabot – and you’re fired.

On the CL’s patio, Phyllis is full of jokes; Sharon’s probably home darning Nick’s socks. Not exactly humoured, Billy runs about when he spots Cane inside.

Cane assures Lily that the kids will be fine while she’s in modelling in New York. You’re leaving? Abby appears to hug her friend (and Cane) She doesn’t blame Lily for leaving Newman. Cane’s happy to leave the ladies to chat. Abby can tell that Lily’s not happy.

Victor wants Ashley to resign due to family obligations. Jack used you to get to me. No, Jack used you, Ashley argues. When Devon arrives, summoned, to do a press release, Ashley informs that this isn’t a resignation, it’s a termination. She’s sure Vikki will drive NE into the ground like she did BnS – you can quote me on that.

Lily’s grateful for the job but feels she jumped too soon – she hates the complications of an unpredictable schedule and being away from the kids. Abby isn’t happy to be working with Vikki again but will put up with her and keep moving forward until she’s running the show. You just gave me an idea, Lily suddenly lights up.

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Hilary and Mariah show Shawna around the studio. This team over here are looking at web content. Hair and make-up is down the hall. When Shawna joins in with smart ass comments, Hilary warns Mariah that this one’s sharp – she may be sitting in your chair soon. Mariah then leaves Shawna to gush that Hilary has everything. Not everything, Hilary’s smile slips a bit.

Back in Victor’s office, Ashley continues to diss Vikki, calling her a ‘queen’ and ‘Daddy’s girl’. Asking Devon to add some facts to the press release, she’s not afraid of bad PR and won’t go away quietly. Victor not appreciating threats, Ashley adds another – she’s suing for wrongful termination. See you in court. Left amused, Victor assures a concerned Devon that Ashley will calm down (and not damage the company)

Waiting for the elevator, Ashley tells Abby that she’s fired – I gotta go. Abby marches into Victor’s office to blast him for firing her Mom. After Devon leaves, Victor wags his finger at Abby and scolds her for barging in. Abby’s sure Ashley didn’t betray Victor/NE. No – it’s ‘not my problem’ she agrees – it’s Vikki’s. Slamming out, Abby leaves Vikki a voicemail – the truth WILL come out and it’ll stink like hell.