Tuesday, March 13th

Victor’s receptionist informs Vikki and Ashley that Mr Newman has been detained – he’ll see them later. In the hallway, Ashley and Vikki bicker until Ashley decides to wait in Victor’s office (leaving Vikki to sulk in the hallway)

Still at the GCAC, Abby complains to her Father that Vikki always made her feel like an outsider who’d never fit in at NE – and that Victor doesn’t think her as capable as Vikki. If Ashley leaves NE, will you leave as well? Victor asks – and is happy when Abby’s sigh indicates that she won’t. Knowing that Victor has made his decision, Abby assume he chose Vikki (and clearly doesn’t approve)

Back at GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah lay out their next program for Devon which segues into Mariah babbling until Devon and Hilary assure her that they aren’t getting back together. After Devon leaves, Mariah calls Hilary out – you’re not over him. Hilary’s sure co-parenting will work – we won’t screw this up. I won’t screw this up – that’s a promise. It’s also a lie, Mariah’s left to mutter to herself.

When Devon arrives at HWG, Lily ends a call and thanks him for creating her a workspace – then quickly changes the subject to her opinion on his baby plans with Hilary. Though she tries several angles, Lily fails to change Devon’s mind.

Nikki meets Nick for lunch in the club’s dining room. He just wants to see how things are going with her and Dad. Nikki insists she hasn’t been this happy in years, but a staff member coming over to ask if she wants her suite made up leads Nick to believe otherwise. Nikki lies easily – she keeps the suite in case she has a late night in town. No, she’s not hiding anything. Arturo appears on cue – what a nice coincidence.

Sharon’s startled when opening her front door to find a police officer there wanting to ask her a few questions. About what? We found a body, he replies.

Her lunch half eaten, Nikki has some things to attend to so will leave Arturo and Nick to talk shop. Up in your room? Nick’s question is ignored. No, Arturo didn’t notice. Maybe she’s got something going on with some guy, Nick considers. Arturo has no comment; he’s too distracted by a text from Nikki asking him to come back to the room. Nick then has a distraction of his own; Sharon calls asking him to come home – something terrible has happened.

Is my Father back? Vikki asks. No, Kristen (the receptionist) informs. Vikki then leaves JT a message – she could really use his support right now. She’s surprised when Reed arrives to get his guitar (which he left in his Dad’s car) He’s not here, Vikki claims that he’s working off-site and can’t be reached. Are you OK? Reed’s curious. I’m fine, Vikki lies again.

In Victor’s office, Ashley takes a video call from Jack (who again apologizes for adding the ‘blood-only’ clause) Ashley’s more upset about him working with Vikki to set her up. Talk to my attorney from now on! she ends the chat and puts her tablet away. Kristen pokes her head in to say that Mr Newman is on his way.

Devon asks Lily to please drop this – he and Hilary will work this out; she’s different now. No, she’s not, and Lily knows Hilary won’t change after having a baby. You’re indulging in some far-fetched Daddy fantasy. Devon wants to give to his child what Neil gave to him. Adopt, Lily implores. Devon might do that too – but right now he wants a biological child. No worries – he’s having Mike do up a contract that covers everything. If this is too hard for Lily, Devon reminds that she can always leave.