Tuesday, March 13th

In his tank top, Nick comes down to ask why the house is so cold. Wearing her winter woollies, Sharon informs that the heat went out in the middle of the night. They then joke about her history of wearing socks to bed due to her ‘freakishly cold feet’. The furnace company possibly coming out later today, Nick will go down and have a look.

At the club, Nikki orders tea be sent up to the room she’s rented for the day. When Victor appears, she has too full a day to join him for breakfast. Things get awkward when Arturo arrives for introductions. Pleased to hear that he’s been doing good work for his wife, Victor tells Arturo to keep up the good work. After Arturo goes for his work out, Victor tells Nikki that her solution to the Ashley/Abby issue is ‘perfect’.

Vikki and Ashley arrive at NE at the same time. Both received a message from Victor asking that they meet him.

Seated at the club, Lily updates Abby – she must get creative to get Hilary out of Devon’s life – failure is NOT an option.

At GC Buzz, Hilary and Mariah are apparently doing a segment on romantic restaurants; one that failed its health inspection needs to be bumped. When Devon comes along, he assures Hilary that making his ‘donation’ is first on his list. Mariah’s horrified – you’re donating ‘that’??

Heat now on, Sharon declares Nick a miracle worker. Humble, he explains that he just lit the pilot light, unclogged the line and hit the reset button. Nick considers he and Arturo friends now – and he really appreciates Sharon letting him move in. She’s grateful that he brought back the heat (and giggles as she waves her socked feet at Nick)

You made it – how fabulous, Nikki joins Arturo in a room upstairs at the club. Glad that the run-in with Victor didn’t scare Arturo off, Nikki explains that she and Victor are free to do as they please but don’t flaunt things in each other’s face. Fresh from the shower, Arturo drops his towel and kisses Nikki’s neck.

Downstairs, in the dining room, Victor joins Abby and Lily (who he’s disappointed to hear left NE) While Abby blames Vikki, Lily’s excited about her new opportunity, which she needs to get back to now. That leaves Victor to scold Abby for badmouthing her family. Mom is my family, Abby reminds – and wants Victor to hold Vikki accountable as he would anyone else.