Tuesday, March 13th

Nick’s now home to hear Sharon’s weepy tale – the dead woman they found had Sharon’s card on her. No one knows her, or cares, she died on a sidewalk and will be buried in an unmarked grave, Sharon thinks it tragic. Nick reminds Sharon of all she’s doing, and he’s doing his best with Rainbow Gardens (which already has a waiting list) Sharon suggests he and Nikki form a non-profit to expand the project, buy more properties. Nick’s onboard; let’s do it. With a hug, Sharon agrees that Nick should talk to his Mom by himself; while she’s left smiling to herself.

Pleased to run into Reed at NE, Victor makes a request/order that he come to the ranch tomorrow to play chess. After Reed leaves, Vikki informs her Dad that Ashley’s waiting in his office. No, Victor has nothing to say to Vikki first – he’ll talk to her at the appropriate time. In his office, Victor apologizes for making Ashley wait. Pacing outside the door, a nervous Vikki’s not happy when Abby gets off the elevator. No way I’d miss this, Abby smirks.

Nick’s back at the club to ask the staff member what room his Mom’s in – and is soon running up to room 338.

Devon needs to take off. That’s fine, Lily’s scheduling appointments with potential clients – her only focus is making her division of HWG a success. Hilary barges in with something to discuss with Devon (who again says he has to leave) Hilary’s immediately on the phone to schedule her IUI. She and her donour are excited to begin. Listening, Lily frowns.

Vikki thinks it good that Abby’s here, so Ashley won’t have to go through this alone. ‘Your turn’, Ashley comes out to inform Vikki. What happened in there? Abby asks Ashley – while Vikki’s in with her Dad. Crediting Nikki with this idea, Victor tells Vikki that she has a choice – accept a demotion (she’ll no longer be COO) or leave NE.

Nikki knocks on the door of room 338 – I must have left my swipe card in here. Skulking in the hallway, Nick’s stunned when a bare-chested Arturo steps out to pull his laughing Mother into the suite.

Next: Oh look. It’s March Madness (basketball) It looks like the show will be pre-empted Wednesday and Thursday. So, see you on Friday.

My Thoughts: Wow – Devon had that wall ‘pushed out’ overnight. I guess it’s easier when your office consists of shōjis (Japanese-style paper walls) … If Nick’s so cold why wouldn’t he put a damn sweater on? And since when did he get queasy about feet? He recoils from Sharon like he’s got a phobia of socked feet – yet he’s given half the women in GC a foot massage … So it’s officially confirmed by Nick – there IS a waiting list for an apartment in Rainbow Gardens while Tessa (a person with a fulltime job working full time for a billionaire and with the ability to earn more giving guitar lessons to a millionaire’s daughter) jumps to the top of the line and is already moved in and probably driving her neighbours crazy with her singing/guitar playing … I wonder what Sharon’s ‘card’ looks like. It’s not really a business card since she’s a volunteer. Maybe it just reads – Sharon Newman; I was crazy and now I help people who are crazy’. Didn’t an unidentified body being found remind her of Crystal (the young prostitute who everyone was obsessed with then forgot all about)? … Oh how easily everyone lies in GC. Even Nick – if he hadn’t lied, he wouldn’t have seen his Mom in the arms of his ‘friend’. The moral of today’s show – don’t tell lies.