Tuesday, March 20th

Still in the office, Hilary’s griping about Lily. Devon shrugs it off – this is his decision, Lily knows that. He also has one more thing to work out before he signs the contract.

JT lectures Vikki – sex doesn’t solve everything. Nothing has changed with you and Billy. And you still let your family dictate how you feel. Vikki strikes back – what happened to your job and marriage? Why does Mac want full custody? JT knows Victor’s behind the question. He thinks I’m a loser. That’s how you’re acting; like a pathetic loser! Vikki snaps.

Devon points out that the contract covers conception and after the baby’s born – what about the 9 months in between. He wants to attend birthing classes with Hilary. She appreciates that and vows that they’ll be co-parents; nothing more. Devon agrees and both sign copies of the contract.

Back downstairs, Cane not only agrees with Lily – but, much to her delight, offers to help her stop Hilary from having Devon’s baby.

Hilary tells Devon that she believes she’ll get pregnant on her first try.

JT will tell Vikki the truth (since no one else has the guts to) People see you as a woman who couldn’t even hang on to a screw up like Billy. You drove your own company into the ground and face-planted on live TV. You’re so threatened by competition that you framed Ashley and couldn’t even do that right. Reed hit the skids as soon as he came to live with you. You’re a failed businesswoman, Mother and wife! Push literally comes to shove as JT holds Vikki by the throat and punches the wall beside her head.

AH (Vikki) provides a website (thehotline.org) for anyone affected by domestic abuse. CBS cares.

Next: Jack loses his cool …. Nick’s attempts at goodwill backfire…. Ashley protects her reputation.

My Thoughts: Ah ha. I knew it. Mac is divorcing JT because he’s violent. The scenes between AH and TL were very well done today. I’m not sure if it’s harder or easier because they were married in real life – but it was well acted. It’ll be interesting to see whether the camera Victor likely installed picked up the fight. You’d think Victor would know better after already catching an eyeful of his daughter and her ex making out … How will Devon and Hilary’s child learn the ABC’s? It took them an hour to read and sign a simple, large-font contract … I don’t often agree with Hilary but the Ashby’s should mind their own business and focus on their own relationship/family. It’s odd that Charlie would want to work with Hilary over his Mom… Lily couldn’t even get herself modelling jobs – how will she book other models? And how many models stick around GC as opposed to going to LA, New York or Paris?