Tuesday, March 20th

In his office, Victor’s on his phone discussing JT. Follow him – tap his phone – Victor wants to know who JT’s working with. But be careful – this guy’s in security – he knows what he’s doing.

At home, Vikki’s not looking forward to going in to work today. Embarrassed by her demotion, she’s also not happy to hear that JT’s not going to the office (so they can’t drive in together) JT has a job to do too and is sure Vikki will be fine without him holding her hand. With a quick kiss, his exit leaves Vikki pouting alone.

Seated at the club, Cane mentions Billy helping Lily screen male models and gripes about Hilary thinking she owns the HWG office and how much she must hate Lily working there now too.

Ignoring Devon and Hilary reviewing their contract, Lily sneaks over to her desk and tries to be invisible when Hilary’s surprised to get a call from her OB-GYN. No, I didn’t cancel the appointment, she’s puzzled.

Before heading upstairs, Charlie joins his Dad and Billy to say that he’d rather intern for Hilary than his Mom. Cane agrees to talk to Lily. Kids, Cane mutters. Kids, Billy echoes knowingly.

Lily looks like she might throw up as Hilary reschedules her appointment and wonders to Devon how it got cancelled. I don’t even have an assistant – but it’s time I did. When Devon jokes about Hilary not getting preferential treatment, Lily turns her laugh into a coughing fit.

Victor’s at the Abbott mansion explaining to Ashley that the COO position will stay open. Yes, Ashley can have final say over Vikki (re: decisions) but Victor won’t have them working together much. He also won’t announce Ashley’s return to NE or Vikki’s demotion (to avoid bad PR)

JT’s at the ranch looking for Katie’s toy. Bonnie hasn’t found it while cleaning but leaves JT to look around for it. I’ll be upstairs. That leaves JT to hide Katie’s toy behind a cushion and do some snooping, with a key in his hand.

Devon and Hilary are still smiling over paperwork when Cane makes a beeline to Lily’s desk – but then asks for a word with Hilary (about wanting Charlie to be her intern) Neither Cane or Lily is happy and imply that Hilary’s to blame for Charlie’s disinterest in college. Devon steps in to say that Charlie will be HIS intern.