Wednesday, March 21st

After JT releases his grip, Vikki runs upstairs (the installed camera is directly aimed at the spot JT physically assaulted Vikki) Locked in her bathroom, she sits on the floor and quietly weeps.

Sharon comes in to find Nick deciding which tie to wear to his meeting with Nikki and potential investors (for their affordable housing expansion) Are you going to be around? he asks. Maybe you can…. I’d love to, Sharon’s eager and ecstatic (assuming that she’s invited)

Jack’s back from Europe loaded with gifts. Abby sets hers aside. Ashley takes her gift – she got Jack something too. I’m suing you for defamation of character (she hands over paperwork) Welcome home.

Sharon’s on the phone asking Mariah to watch the kids for a bit (assuming she’s going with Nick) Coming back from the main house, Nick wonders if Sharon’s going out too – you look great. Wish me luck? Always, Sharon’s left all dressed up and disappointed.

Nothing’s been made public – but it will if you take this to court, Jack warns Ashley. All put on a happy face when Dina comes out. She scolds ‘John’ for leaving her with their unruly kids. Now that ‘John’s’ home, he hopes for peace in this house (and glares pointedly at Ashley and Abby)

JT and Vikki talk through the bathroom door. What happened down there? she bleats. I’m sorry, alright? JT doesn’t sound it. The things you said to me – the way you acted, Vikki sniffles. ‘We both got carried away’, but JT doesn’t want to hear that they can’t stay together. You have to go, Vikki says weakly. Is that what you really want? JT challenges.

Dina forgives ‘John’ and leaves Abby to tell Jack and Ashley about recording her grandmother’s memories. Jack has much to catch up on, but right now he’s going to do some ‘real good’.

JT just needs to see that Vikki’s OK. And then you’ll go? Vikki knows that JT disapproves of everything she does. We both have buttons that get pushed – but we love each other, don’t we? JT now seems vulnerable – I’m a loser, my hopes and dreams didn’t come true – until now, with you. He’s scared he’s going to lose Vikki and Reed. I’m fighting for you and him with everything I’ve got. Are you still there? Vikki’s looking at the marks around her neck in the mirror.

Jack drops by the ranch and is surprised to see Devon and Nick – why are we here? Nikki and Nick are looking for more than money for their expansion – we need you. Victor appears to muse ‘that’s quite a proposition’.

Stifling sobs and wincing in pain, Vikki applies makeup to her bruises and comes downstairs. Did you think I was going to hit you? I’d never do that, JT claims that he grabbed Vikki’s throat because she went ballistic and slapped him. He hates himself for doing this to her. It’s not just this; not just today, Vikki feels it’s been building for a while. You always put me down, make me second guess myself. JT only wants what’s best for Vikki.Do you want to give up on us? Reed comes home and immediately asks ‘what’s going on?’