Friday, March 23rd

In her most anxious voice, Hilary Curtis is reporting live from GCM with a GC Buzz exclusive – Victor Newman was assaulted tonight at this sprawling ranch. Police are on the scene gathering evidence to ID his assailant. Mr Newman is in grave condition. Stay tuned for further updates.

Three hours earlier: Victor motionless at the bottom of the stairs, a bloodied JT grabs the yellow envelope and exits the ranch.

Abby appreciates Dina confiding in her – what you just said about Jack…. It’s a terrible truth Dina’s relieved to finally say out loud. As she goes to ask that woman in the kitchen for some tea, Abby looks stunned and when Ashley comes home, sits her down to share the revelation – according to Dina, Jack’s not really an Abbott.

A drunken Jack barges into the ranch hollering for Victor – then sees him laying on the floor.

Joined at the lips, Sharon helps Nick off with his shirt. We can’t do this, he suddenly pulls away.

Jack puts his phone away, his gloves on – and goes upstairs – hello? He finds Victor’s office in disarray.

Outside Vikki’s, JT calls Paul – he got an envelope from Victor’s yesterday; a contract that proves he’s involved in global price fixing. Nice work, Paul looks forward to meeting asap. Hey gorgeous, JT goes in to hand the champagne over to Vikki and explain that he got stuck in traffic due to an accident. This is the best night of my entire life, he hugs Vikki.

Jack continues to snoop around Victor’s office and takes what looks like a hard drive, paperwork and whatever else looks interesting. Stepping over Victor’s body, Jack leaves, then after a brief inner struggle goes back inside and calls 911. Get here fast, he’s barely alive, he reports.

Abby insists that Dina was lucid – she said there were men, plural. And no, she said it had nothing to do with you. Ashley doesn’t believe it (and lists other stories Dina’s told) Abby agrees she might be right, then hears about the drunken scene Jack caused at the club. He’s out looking for trouble, Ashley concludes.

As Jack watches the first responders tend to Victor, Paul asks him to walk him through everything that happened from the time he walked in.