Thursday, March 22nd

Naked beneath a blanket, JT and Vikki cuddle. I just need some time, Vikki goes upstairs wrapped in a sheet.

At the ranch, Nikki accuses Victor or goading Jack. He can never win against me, Victor vows.

Jack comes home ranting about Victor ruining the meeting. He acts like he owns everything and everyone – and it sure doesn’t help that Ashley feeds his ego. My own sister is suing me, he continues. We have to live together, Ashley reminds (as Abby hovers) Pouring a drink, Jack snarls that if their Mother didn’t need 24/7 care, he’d be in a hotel right now!

Christian down for a nap, Nick wants to talk about the elephant in the room – why does Sharon (on her way out somewhere and ignoring Nick) want him to move out?

Upstairs and now dressed, Vikki looks in the mirror – assessing the ugly bruises around her neck.

This isn’t a punishment, Sharon just wants to be proactive; we’re two people with a history. Late for something, Sharon’s sorry but has to leave – quickly.

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You gave Victor the ammo and he’s firing at will, Jack blasts Ashley (who wonders if he’s mad at her or Victor) Abby won’t let Jack blame her Mom for HIS mistakes. How long must I pay for one wrong move? Jack whines. It’s always about you – Oozing sarcasm, Ashley’s SO sorry that HIM pushing HER out of Jabot is backfiring. You’re lucky – a blood Abbott; king of the hill. Oh yeah, I’m lucky, Jack’s losing his Mother, sister and niece. We’re not done here! Jack shouts but is left fuming when Ashley and Abby ignore him to go check on Dina.

Hiding her bruises with makeup, Vikki looks very alone and sad as she replays JT’s harsh words in her head. She comes downstairs to meet JT’s stare; neither look happy.

Coming home to hear Nick on the phone looking for an apartment, Mariah squawks ‘What the hell’?! Sharon asked me to move out, Nick updates. What did you do to her? Nick doesn’t know. Put your thinking cap on genius – let’s figure out how you screwed up.

This is ladies only, Dina tells ‘John’. I’m not ….. I won’t interfere, Jack assures – he’s just going to watch. No, Dina can’t speak openly with him here. He’s been a bit edgy, Ashley understates. After Jack downs his drink and slams out, Dina comments that she’s never seen John so short tempered.

On the sofa with JT, Vikki’s subdued – today’s been so intense. But the makeup sex was passionate, JT points out. Vikki calls it frightening. JT calls it exhilarating. Come on – no one has what we have. You’ll never have anything close to this with someone else. Vikki agrees with a kiss – and then says ‘yes’ to JT’s proposal (though her smile doesn’t quite reach her eyes as they hug)