Monday, March 26th

On one side of Victor’s bedside, Nikki refuses to leave his side. She can and WILL stay 24/7 and it’s NOT just for appearances. On the other side, Nick reassures his Mom that it’s not her fault – don’t drive yourself crazy with ‘what ifs’. Then whose fault IS it? Who attacked your Father??? The arrangement Nikki has with Victor doesn’t change her feelings for him.

At the Abbott home, Ashley and Abby briefly touch on Victor’s unchanged condition – then their need to keep Dina away from Jack until she gets over the idea that he’s not John’s son. Abby lists Dina’s lucid/recent moments – we have to consider that the story might be true.

Jill’s summoned Ester to the CGAC to declare war on Nikki (and the changes she’s proposed for Chancellor Park) She’ll obliterate the landscape and deface Kay’s memorial. Behind menus, two women discuss Jill (who wastes no time going over to unveil Leslie and Lori Brooks) Ester comes over to ‘gush’ – she’s read all of Lori’s books and listens to Leslie’s concert albums all the time. Jill has a question for the infamous Brooks sisters – what the hell are you doing here? The sisters came for the Walnut Grove reunion – not to be reunited with the former stepmother from hell.

Back at the table, Jill can’t believe the nerve of those two – insulting her then retreating to the bar. Jill marches over, followed by Ester. Leslie referees by asking Jill if she’s in town for the centennial. Walnut Grove is renaming the journalism lab after their Father, Steward Brooks was a hard-working journalist. Jill reminds that she saved Stewart’s life by performing an emergency tracheotomy. You seduced him with a fake pregnancy, Lori adds. You stole Stewart from your own Mother, Ester blurts out. Lori goes over history (which is not kind to Jill – neither sister are buying her spin on the past)

Dina’s having a good day, so Abby wants to question her again about Jack’s paternity. She’s just confused, Ashley’s sure. Dina comes out wanting to use the laptop – she needs to find a man. Jack needs to meet his real Father before it’s too late.

Spotting Jill, Jack hides at a table and leaves Kyle a message. I’m not in the mood for company, he then tells Billy that Kyle hasn’t returned his calls since voting him off the board. He’s been emailing Victor though – they’re working on something (as found on Victor’s back up hard drive) Whatever ‘the plan’ is, it’s been going on for months – so explains Kyle’s ‘no confidence’ vote ousting Jack from Jabot.

In his office, Paul’s going over new evidence that digital forensics sent over; all the texts and voicemails from Victor’s phone. Here’s one from Ashley sent the night Victor was attacked; I think Jack’s heading your way – he’s been drinking and is angry. That doesn’t look good for Jack, Chris states the obvious.

After Billy joins their table, Jill spots Vikki and calls her over to ask what Nikki has planned for Chancellor Park. My Mom’s at the hospital, my Father’s fighting for his life – I’m sure you’ll understand I won’t be delivering any messages. When Vikki goes to pick up her food, Jill hisses at Ester for not telling her (assuming she read it in the newspaper)

Still with Nikki, Nick lists all the people who need Victor to get better. Me too – come back to us Dad.