Tuesday, March 27th

JT’s in Paul’s office gloating – I came through and not it’s time for you to do the same; in the form of a job. Yeah, about that – those contracts were fake/useless. Either Victor played you or you’re trying to play me, Paul informs.

Holding Victor’s hand, Nikki tries to nag him into waking up. You can beat this. You’re Victor Newman dammit.

Ashley comes home to find Jack leaving yet another message for Kyle. Why are you so upset? she asks. Oh, I dunno – your lawsuit, Mother, running Jabot – pick one. And yes, Victor. Ashley informs that Paul has doubts about Jack’s story of finding Victor – and I’m the reason why.

Vikki enters to agree that whoever did this will pay. Listen to Mom, come back to us Dad, Vikki gives Victor a kiss on the forehead – then asks Nikki to do something for the good of the family – keep quiet about my demotion to stop Ashey from taking over our family business.

The foursome dining at the club, Billy and Jill are taking credit for the Ashby’s reuniting. Jill thinks Phyllis rude for not being there (she WAS invited) The Ashby’s have to get to Walnut Grove; the twins are helping run the reunion.

Also dining at the club, Abby asks Dina more about the man she used to meet at the Stardust Inn. What is that hussy-manicurist doing here? Dina snarls as Phyllis passes by – she’s only out to steal Kay’s husband. That wasn’t Jill, Abby’s about to elaborate but instead is inspired to ask about Kay and Jill. Dina told Kay her secret – and she probably told Jill (Kay was quite a talker when she got drinking)

At a nearby table, Jill chides the ‘glammed up’ Phyllis for trying to steal Billy’s spotlight (it’s his reunion after all, not yours) Spotting Raul and Brittany, Billy and Phyllis hurry over to greet them warmly and surprise them with the news that they’re together.

Still in Victor’s room, Nikki isn’t eager to lie for her daughter. I’m not sure I sure I should do this, she whispers nervously.

JT did his job in good faith; maybe Victor was on to me. Paul believes him but with Victor in a coma, the investigation is over. JT can’t believe he’s gotten off again. About that job – will it be here or with the feds? Neither – Paul’s sorry but JT didn’t fulfil his end of the bargain. You still have a good job at Newman. JT’s not happy – I got played by Victor and you, ‘friend’.

You left Victor a message that I was drunk, angry and heading to the ranch?! Jack’s furious with Ashley – you were looking out for Victor, not me. You DID make it clear that I was no threat to Victor, Jack’s assumption is met with silence. What DID you say to Paul???

Abby brings Dina over as Jill’s about to leave the club. We’ve been recording Dina’s history – Abby hopes Jill can fill in some blanks. Why would you need my help? Jill tries to ignore Dina closely inspects her manicure as Abby pleads for her help. Agreeing, Jill leads the way.