Thursday, May 10th

Gifted with a unique fragrance Ashley created just for her, Dina wonders what the occasion is. Told it’s Mother’s Day, she wonders why Traci isn’t spending it with her own Mother. Traci smiles – I will. Abby looks none too pleased when Jack comes home, possibly still drunk and waving around a gift for Dina; a receipt for a DNA test he took to determine whether he’s an Abbott. Oblivious, Dina fiddles with her new perfume.

Nick serves Sharon her morning coffee in a ‘Best Mom Ever’ mug – what else can he do for her on this special day? Sharon’s about to show him when Mariah comes down asking what she interrupted. And don’t tell me nothing.

Devon joins the Ashby’s having brunch at the club to say it’s on the house. My babies are all grown up, Lily fake-pouts as all clink glasses of OJ to toast her.

Letting Kyle in, Nikki tells him that Victor’s not home – and no, he didn’t mention any drama with Dina last night. Nikki sympathizes with Dina’s condition – but she did stab me. It was barely a scratch, Kyle wishes his Mom was as lucky when Nikki attacked HER. Tell Victor I dropped by, Kyle’s about to head out when Nikki stops him – she has some things to say on today of all days.

Kyle doesn’t think this is the time. Nikki thinks it is – she feels terrible about killing Diane, but it was self-defence. You bashed her head in with a rock, Kyle sums it up bluntly. Nikki had no choice. You didn’t have time to scream or run away? Kyle also rejects Nikki’s assessment that Jack’s a wonderful man. He resents Nikki making this day about HER, reminding me of how she died. You played God – drop the victim act and take responsibility for what you’ve done. You’ve gotten away with murder. Having utterly silenced Nikki, Kyle has nothing more to say; Happy Mother’s Day, he marches out.

Nick and Sharon assure Mariah that she didn’t interrupt anything. Planning a special dinner tonight, Nick asks her to go to the store for sassafras. OK, but only because Mariah’s going into town anyway. Sassafras? Sharon’s left to laugh with Nick’s ingenuity in getting the house to themselves ~kiss~

As Jack pours himself a glass of Whiskey, the ladies try to defuse Dina’s questions. This is a family gathering – and Jack’s pleased when Kyle comes in with a gift for Dina (and again announces that he’s testing his DNA against Billy’s; he’s definitely John’s son, Jill made sure of that) Traci orders Jack into the kitchen with Ashley then distracts Dina while Abby quietly confronts Kyle; my Mom and I know you had Ravi recover that memory card. This family is going through hell because of YOU.

Abby’s disgusted by what Kyle did and that he’s lying to her face about it. Kyle admits he got curious so had the memory card restored and watched it – he was stunned by it but didn’t add that scene to the movie. Wanting to prove himself to the family, Kyle has as much to lose as Jack if this secret gets out.